Shamrock Holtz – Healer, Energy Worker

“Breath of Life” Breath and Body Worker, Hatha Yoga Instructor, Transformational Breath and Kundalini Practitioner, Shamrock Holtz combines the power of breath, movement and ancient wisdom to assist in anchoring the spirit back into the body. Believing that breath is the foundation of life and creation, he utilizes various breath techniques as a means of empowering you through offering you the tools to reclaim your authentic self, moving one from a state of reaction to one of witness consciousness where we become aware of our thoughts and can access our experiences from a place of present moment awareness.

After growing up near Portland, Oregon, Shamrock moved to Hawaii where he lived for ten years studying Reiki, Lomi Lomi, psychic healing and an intensive massage therapy school called Spa Luna on the island of Maui. He has done several Vipassana’s, Hoffman Process and many self awareness retreats and workshops. He came to learn the true healing power of integrating conscious breathing into one’s daily life. Later gathering wisdom and healing techniques internationally from his in depth study with the Transformational Breath Foundation in Istanbul, to his Thai Massage training in Chiang Mai, Thailand, South America s influence of shamanism and the Native American teachings of the good red road. Shamrock now carries his extensive study of the healing arts into his sessions and highly inspirational workshops. Shamrock was an assistant in intuitional workshops for 2.5 years and has traveled around the world with this work. Gathering the experiences and teachings he now carries it with him into his works and his facilitation of Breath, Body, Boogie and Beyond workshops throughout Chicago and many other states here in the United States.

Shamrock is generally available in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. Please contact him for his current schedule.

Annie Carpenter – Yoga Teacher – Hatha

Annie CarpenterKnown as a “teachers’ teacher,” Annie believes that Yoga practice (Hatha) is a remarkable method for learning to steady the attention on what is actually happening in the moment. From this place, compassion and radical acceptance naturally evolve. Old mindsets of the illusion of separation, of me and them, and self and other, dissolve into the knowledge of wholeness.
“Although our culture tends to shrink yoga to mean only the physical, asana element I believe that yoga truly is a shamanic path, capable of leading us through transformation on all levels. Yoga reminds us what is real, and thus who we are — the light radiating from within.”


Tommy Rosen – Yoga, Recovery

Tommy RosenTommy Rosen is a yoga teacher and addiction recovery expert who has spent the last two decades immersed in yoga, recovery and wellness. He holds advanced certifications in both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and has 20 years of recovery from acute drug addiction. Tommy is one of the pioneers in the burgeoning field of Yoga and Recovery assisting others to holistically transcend addictions of all kinds.


Daniel Stewart – Yoga Teacher

Daniel Stewart is the co-owner of rising lotus yoga. He teaches a powerful yet playful hatha yoga class integrating music, meditation and even depth psychology (he is also a trained psychotherapist). He also shares his joy of music leading a monthly drop-in kirtan and playing sacred music. The studio is clean, spacious and inviting and his classes should not be missed


Elena Brower – Yoga Teacher – Hatha

elena-browerElena Brower

Mama, founder and co-owner of VIRAYOGA, and co-author of Art of Attention, Elena has taught yoga for 16+ years. After graduating from Cornell University in 1992 with a design degree, she worked as a textile and apparel designer for 6 years, and has studied with master yoga teachers for over 10 years. Through her teaching, influenced by several traditions including alignment-based Hatha and Kundalini yoga, Elena offers yoga as a way to approach our world with realistic reverence and gratitude. Her classes are a masterful, candid blend of artful alignment and attention cues for your body, mind and heart.

From the Museum of Modern Art to the Great Lawn at Central Park, from the playa at Burning Man to the Eiffel Tower, Elena is honoured to offer larger-scale experiences of yoga, but her true service is in shifting awareness within the smallest interactions; one family, one household at a time. As a coach with the Handel Group, she coaches individuals and teaches courses, and she’s been featured in the New York Times, Yoga Journal, Element Yoga for Beginners DVDs, ABC News and NBC News. Dozens of yoga practices with Elena can be found on Yogaglo.

As the Executive Producer of On Meditation, she is curating a project about the relevance of meditation and its benefits. The first limited-edition printing of her first book, Art of Attention, co-authored with Erica Jago, was released in December 2012 and sold out within a few weeks; Art of Attention’s second edition was released in March 2013.

Along with her own writings, Elena contributes to Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Huffington Post, CrazySexyLife, Positively Positive, The Chalkboard Mag, TheDailyLove, and Elephant Journal, and is an original board member of YogaEarth. Elena is also a Beauty Ecologist with Pangea Organics, part of the movement to bring organic, all-natural beauty care products to millions of households worldwide.

Insight LA – Meditation

Insight LA offers courses, retreats and workshops on mindfulness and comparison to people everywhere. Buddhist wisdom is at the core of the teaching and Trudy Goodman is the founding teacher. Classes and sitting groups are offered weekly throughout the year and in great variety. Affordable rates (sliding scale) and diverse offerings are a few of the wonderful aspects of this organization Daniel Stewart is the co-owner of rising Lotus yoga. He teaches a powerful yet playful hatha yoga class integrating music, meditation and even depth psychology (he is also a trained psychotherapist). He also shares his joy of music leading a monthy drop-in Kirtan and playing sacred music. The studio is clean, spacious and inviting and his classes should not be missed.


Yoga & Meditation Introduction

In recent years, prominent medical institutions such as Harvard Medical School and The Mayo Clinic have scientifically validated what practitioners in the East have known for over 5,000 years: Yoga and Meditation reduce stress, enhances clarity of mind, increase fitness and help in the management of chronic health conditions.

Newly published studies from Norway suggest that a comprehensive Yoga program rapidly produces internal changes on a genetic level! Yoga and Meditation, which were once considered to be fringe and esoteric practices, are now mainstream and expanding rapidly into virtually every corner of society. Research proves that a regular practice has been known to decrease anxiety, fatigue, depression, high blood pressure and virtually every other medical and psychological condition.

Within corporations, Universities and school districts, medical establishments and throughout the entertainment industry, Yoga and Meditation are being praised, and practiced as a means to peace of mind, well-being, and even success in one’s endeavors.

Whole Universe is proud to present a select number of Yoga and Meditation practitioners, retreats and spas, and though it is by no means a complete list, we believe in these men and women who can offer you a window in to this world.