Michelle Gillette – Life Coach

hires-mdg-nlh-mbi-4041-2I help my clients gain clarity on what they truly want in their lives, relationships and/or in their careers. I assist them as they determine their next moves. I am a life coach. coque iphone en ligne I help them take their lives & careers from good to great, making them feel more meaningful, purpose-driven and successful. coque iphone pas cher —————————— Life coaching is not therapy. Life coaching involves overcoming the obstacles that get in your way to personal and career success. But it is not “therapy.” So…. what is it then? It is working together with clients to help them identify what is and is not working in their lives — using inquiry and tools. coque iphone 2019 It is teaching clients to enhance what is uniquely right for them so they can live happier lives and/or have more successful careers. And just as important, it is giving clients the tools to minimize the things that are not working well in their lives. It’s sharing with clients the life tools that can help them identify and overcome limiting beliefs that hinder their growth and personal achievement. It includes helping them define their goals and come up with actionable plans to achieve them. It is guiding them into healthier, more successful practices and witnessing their growth. It’s guiding them as they re-establish their passions and strengths & it’s helping them learn how to better celebrate them! fly away birdie tumblr It is not “fixing” a client’s life for them. It is giving them the tools and the confidence to problem-solve on their own, so that eventually, clients do not need a coach. coque iphone x (Yes, that’s right….a good coach will coach herself right out of a job!) Thus, it is giving clients the tools to thrive, and fly…. coque iphone 6 Specialties: Helping clients overcome the obstacles that get in the way of their successes. Helping women identify and address the road blocks that are preventing them from achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight. Helping mothers find more fulfillment. Helping mothers who may want to re-enter the workforce, but aren’t sure what to do or how to do it. Helping clients find their passion and celebrate their gifts! Other: Dream analysis — Studies have shown that the subconscious mind controls more than 90 percent of our behaviors. Dream analysis can tap into and bring awareness to some of the wisdom and messages that our subconscious mind has for us. Our dreams are filled with symbols. This dream analysis process helps unlock the meanings behind them on a very personal level. For instance, if a client comes to me with a snake in their dream, I do not tell them the Freudian version of what that snake might represent (phallic symbol/sexual drive, etc.) A snake will have varying meanings to different people. To a zookeeper or a herpetologist, a snake might represent work. To my daughter it might represent that animal that I will not let her have, and to another family-member of mine, it might be the symbol of sheer terror. But, to a client of mine whose dream we analyzed it actually represented danger and her father’s protection from it because her dad used to kill rattlesnakes on his ranch and hang them on their barbed wire fence. He also wore snakeskin boots. As you can imagine, the meaning is indeed very unique to the specific dreamer. coque iphone This work involves helping the client de-code the meanings as it pertains specifically to themselves. It is a fascinating and revealing process. I’m very efficient with this, but it can still be a time-consuming process as most dreams have several symbols at once.

Anarah – Transformative & Intuitive Healer

AnarahAnarah is an intuitive Life Coach who works with individuals, couples, and groups, to help them produce lasting changes in their lives. She has fused her background in counseling with her training in the esoteric arts to develop her own unique brand of transformational coaching, which she refers to as “Soul Coaching”.

From a young age, Anarah was aware that her experience of the world was different from those around her. She realized early on that there was more to life than what could be perceived through our five senses and this drove her interest in learning about other realms of consciousness and different states of awareness.

Anarah also found that she was highly sensitive to people, and had an ability to hone in on others’ emotions and motivations. In a sense, she was able to glimpse “behind the mask”, to that which was hidden or unspoken. She began to search for the language to articulate these experiences and isconstantly on a quest to discover tools to help people be happier and more fulfilled.

In college Anarah was drawn to study such subjects as psychology. She continued her training post-college in a variety of domains and institutions, beginning with a year of post graduate study in Adult Education at the University of British Columbia. She graduated the Practitioner’s Training Program from The Clearmind Institute, where she developed a deep working knowledge of family systems and patterning. Anarah completed an intensive Clairvoyant Training program in Southern California, to enhance and focus her intuitive abilities and learn different meditation techniques. In addition, Anarah is a Reiki Master and a practitioner of Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Anarahhas a gift for helping people gain a deeper self-awareness. In her gentle and supportive manner, she guides her clients to confront their issues, limitations and hurts, and to move beyond these to bring about profound transformation. Her clients report that through their work with her, they are able to manifest their desired outcomes while experiencing life in a new, more empowered way.

Over the past 15 years, Anarah has developed a base of private clients both in the US and internationally, that have grown primarily through referral. Her teaching repertoire includes a series of Meditation, Healing and Relationship workshops that she teaches in Orange and San Diego Counties. She is well traveled, and has lived on four different continents. Currently, Anarah makes her home in Newport Beach, California, where she lives with her husband of 17 years.


Elena Brower – Yoga Teacher – Hatha

elena-browerElena Brower

Mama, founder and co-owner of VIRAYOGA, and co-author of Art of Attention, Elena has taught yoga for 16+ years. After graduating from Cornell University in 1992 with a design degree, she worked as a textile and apparel designer for 6 years, and has studied with master yoga teachers for over 10 years. Through her teaching, influenced by several traditions including alignment-based Hatha and Kundalini yoga, Elena offers yoga as a way to approach our world with realistic reverence and gratitude. Her classes are a masterful, candid blend of artful alignment and attention cues for your body, mind and heart.

From the Museum of Modern Art to the Great Lawn at Central Park, from the playa at Burning Man to the Eiffel Tower, Elena is honoured to offer larger-scale experiences of yoga, but her true service is in shifting awareness within the smallest interactions; one family, one household at a time. As a coach with the Handel Group, she coaches individuals and teaches courses, and she’s been featured in the New York Times, Yoga Journal, Element Yoga for Beginners DVDs, ABC News and NBC News. Dozens of yoga practices with Elena can be found on Yogaglo.

As the Executive Producer of On Meditation, she is curating a project about the relevance of meditation and its benefits. The first limited-edition printing of her first book, Art of Attention, co-authored with Erica Jago, was released in December 2012 and sold out within a few weeks; Art of Attention’s second edition was released in March 2013.

Along with her own writings, Elena contributes to Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Huffington Post, CrazySexyLife, Positively Positive, The Chalkboard Mag, TheDailyLove, and Elephant Journal, and is an original board member of YogaEarth. Elena is also a Beauty Ecologist with Pangea Organics, part of the movement to bring organic, all-natural beauty care products to millions of households worldwide.

Enlightening Adventures – Martyn Williams

Dheera faceMartyn Williams is an internationally known explorer and teacher of enlightenment sciences. He is the first person in the world to lead expeditions to the three extremes, Everest, the North and South Poles. He has created international youth empowerment projects that involved 60 million youth.

He has taught enlightenment sciences to thousands of people worldwide. His work has been featured on major TV and media outlets worldwide. Martyn is renowned for his bliss, humor, energy and love of life. Most recently he spent 7 years as a monk studying and teaching yoga and enlightenment sciences to thousands in India and around the world.