Saul David Raye – Yoga, Healing

saul_david_raye2Saul David Raye is an internationally acclaimed teacher and spiritual activist. Saul has an authentic, heart-centered approach to teaching – whether it is yoga, healing or Thai massage. And as if that isn’t enough, his talent as a musician is always apparent throughout the year and in great variety.


Daniel Stewart – Yoga Teacher

Daniel Stewart is the co-owner of rising lotus yoga. He teaches a powerful yet playful hatha yoga class integrating music, meditation and even depth psychology (he is also a trained psychotherapist). He also shares his joy of music leading a monthly drop-in kirtan and playing sacred music. The studio is clean, spacious and inviting and his classes should not be missed


The Source – Yoga Teachers

the sourceSource Yoga and Fitness is designed to take care of all your fitness desires, including your psyche. Our philosophy is to teach you everything there is to know about yoga and fitness.

We hope to teach you a new awareness of your body, mind, and spirit. We also hope that you’ll gain the knowledge and the ability to push yourself to new limits in each discipline. We take a very balanced and open approach to physical fitness and yoga. You’ll find something that meets your needs and blends with your personality, hopes, and goals.


Sally Kempton – Yoga Teacher, Meditation

Sally KemptonSally Kempton is one of today’s most authentic spiritual teachers. She teaches devotional contemplative tantra—an approach to practice that creates a fusion of knowing and loving. Known for her ability to transmit inner experience through transformative practices and contemplation, Sally has been practicing and teaching for forty years.

A disciple of the great Indian guru Swami Muktananda, she spent twenty years as a teaching swami (monk) in the Saraswati order of Indian monks. In her guru’s ashram, she received a traditional training in yoga philosophy and practice, and became a popular teacher, deeply versed in the teachings and practices of Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism.

In 2002, Sally began teaching independently. She now offers heart-to-heart transmission in meditation and life practice through her Awakened Heart Tantra workshops, teleclasses, retreats, and trainings in applied spiritual philosophy. Her workshops and teleconference courses integrate the wisdom of traditional yoga tantra with the insights of contemporary evolutionary spirituality and cutting-edge psychology.

Sally is the author of Meditation for the Love of It, a groundbreaking book on meditation, which Spirituality & Health called “the meditation book your heart wants you to read.” She writes a regular column, Wisdom, for Yoga Journal. She offers monthly teleclasses in meditation, and an ongoing teleconference series called the Transformative Practice Journey, which unfolds different aspects of awakening practice. She is one of a select group of teachers in Ken Wilber’s Integral Spiritual Center, and teaches regularly at conferences, and at Kripalu and Esalen.

“I often recommend Sally Kempton to my own meditation students as a realized guide on the path of awakening. We are all blessed to have her and her genuine tantric lineage and teaching transmission in our lifetime.”
– Lama Surya Das, Buddhist teacher and author of Awakening the Buddha Within

“Sally Kempton is the real thing.”
–Ken Wilber

Shakta Kaur – Yoga Teacher

shakta kaurShakta Kaur is a Levl 1 Lead Trainer and Breathwalk Instructor Trainer. From 2004 to 2008 Shakta represented KRI on the Yoga Alliance Board of Directos as Board Chair and Interim CEO. She combines her 30 years experience in the business world, along with her passion for the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, in serving the U.S. and Canadian 3HO communities.