Psychic Sisters Selfridges London

Jayne Wallace and the Psychic Sisters Jayne Wallace and her Psychic Sisters are based within Selfridges, London, one of the world’s most prestigious department stores. Since opening in March 2006 Jayne has built her renowned team of well -respected readers, now known worldwide as the Psychic Sisters. If you’re in London, why not drop by for a Reading with one of the Psychic Sisters. If your location or busy life makes this difficult, the Psychic Sisters also offer Telephone and Skype consultations and email readings. coque iphone The Sisters specialize in Tarot, Clairvoyance, Astrology, Crystals, Palmistry and Reiki Healing. coque iphone 2019 With a reputation that is second to none and clients from all over the world, including royalty, film, media and music celebrities, as well as everyday people, the Psychic Sisters have received international media coverage including many TV appearances and live radio shows. Jayne Wallace is the owner and driving force behind the internationally famous Psychic Sisters. coque iphone Jayne has been a natural clairvoyant medium since she was seven-years-old and works with her spirit guides to constantly develop and improve her own natural psychic abilities. She has studied widely to become a respected spiritual development leader, Tarot teacher and Reiki healer. She also practices Psychometry, Crystals, and Clairvoyance. In 2006 Jayne was offered a concession on the lower ground floor of Selfridges, London – the only department store in the world to have a psychic concession! She recruited a respected team of readers and the Psychic Sisters brand was born. coque iphone xr In addition to working at Selfridges with her international clientele, including celebrities and Arab princesses, Jayne also travels the world helping others to develop and expand their own psychic gifts and abilities, giving them guidance, reassurance and direction. coque iphone xr She loves seeing into people’s minds, using objects such as crystals, rings or watches and is still intrigued by what can be discovered about a person just by holding an object or using Tarot cards.

The Animal Communicator – Pet Psychic Medium

ENHANCING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HUMANS, OTHER ANIMALS AND THE NATURAL WORLD via: Welcome to an exploration of interspecies communication – a journey of discovering ways to restore a deep relationship with all of life. Human and animal communication creates a valuable bridge between human and non-human animals. By connecting with our intuition, we can engage in meaningful dialogue and remember how to hear the subtle messages from those whose space we share in our lives and our natural environment. Coming from a place of respect and reverence for all life, we can learn to understand our wilder relatives, honour their truths and live in greater harmony. Anna’s role is communication, guidance and mentoring. She is based in the Western Cape, South Africa and offers workshops in various locations as well as consulting via phone and email for local and international clients. coque iphone soldes The goals of any consultations, public talks, animal communication workshops or nature retreats are increased awareness, empathy, compassion and mutual understanding. coque iphone xr Watch this brief introductory message:

About Anna Anna Breytenbach is a South African-based professional animal communicator who has received advanced training through the Assisi International Animal Institute in California, USA. She’s been practising for 12 years in South Africa, Europe and the USA with both domestic and wild animals. Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, she holds a degree in Psychology, Economics and Marketing from the University of Cape Town. coque iphone en ligne During her international corporate career that took her to Australia and then Silicon Valley and Seattle in the USA, she lived out her passion for wildlife and conservation by volunteering at various rehabilitation and educational centers. Amongst other things she has been a cheetah handler, served on committees for wolf, snow leopard, cheetah and mountain lion conservation, volunteered at wildlife and horse sanctuaries and participated in wild wolf tracking expeditions in the Rocky Mountains. Trained in tracking and mentoring at the Wilderness Awareness School (USA), she also mentors children and adults in nature awareness based on the ways of the Native American and San Bushmen peoples. Anna is a qualified and experienced master training facilitator, focusing on bringing forth participants’ skills through coaching and mentoring in a practical manner. She works with both domestic animals and wildlife, and runs workshops around southern Africa, also touring Europe and the USA. This includes working with wild dolphins and whales, leading animal communication safaris in Botswana, interspecies projects at permaculture and organic farms, and giving numerous public talks. outlet coque iphone Her pro bono work focuses on conservation projects such as elephant management, white lion reintroduction, baboon rehabilitation, whale and dolphin research and predator conservation. Anna is a qualified Reiki practitioner and works with this and other healing modalities. She is also the subject of the feature documentary movie “The Animal Communicator” on Interspecies Communication, due for international release in 2013. Anna’s goal is to raise awareness and advance the relationships among human and non-human animals, on both the personal and spiritual levels. coque iphone x In her communication and conservation work, she guides people to deepen their connection with all species in an honouring manner, and is inspired by being a voice for the animals and natural environments.

NOW: Mars in Retrograde – Your Survival Guide

“Mars is the force which propels the seed to germinate.” Dane Rudhyar In December 2013, Mars entered the sign of Libra where it remains until the end of July 2014. coque iphone soldes Normally Mars resides in a sign 45 days, so this is an extended length of time. Within that time frame, between March 1, 2014 and May 19, 2014, Mars will be retrograde. Mars has been described as the energizer, the challenger, and the cosmic trigger. It is an outreaching dynamic, action oriented, providing the drive to progress and achieve; not an inward energy. Mars can be both courageous and contentious. It represents anger and passion, and so can rage and battle, or it can assert and direct in a manner that supports advancement. Like fire, be cautious in the manner you express your Mars; it can provide sustenance and light or it can burn and blacken. In retrograde, Mars may be frustrating. Strategies or plans may not advance quickly or smoothly, and action to implement may not be smooth, so patience is required. It may take time for plans and projects to manifest; results may not be immediate. coque iphone pas cher Often there are many course corrections, and periods of waiting. To learn where Mars is asking for your personal focus, look to your Ascendant. coque iphone Remember this is general information, and the specifics of your personal natal chart may alter the interpretation. Mars in 1, Libra Ascendant: Impetus to assert and stand up for oneself. This is a great time to work on your image. What needs to be changed to foster success? Have the courage to make those changes after the retrograde period when you should have the drive and energy to do so. During the retrograde period be patient with your progress. Mars in 2, Virgo Ascendant: During the retrograde focus on plans to develop and expand your financial opportunities. A reevaluation of how you manifest, as well as the use of your financial resources, is called for. Although your ambition is ignited, you might want to take action and initiative to move forward after the retrograde when results come more easily. Mars in 3, Leo Ascendant: During the retrograde period be mindful of how you communicate. Be courageous, not impulsive or argumentative. If contracts must be signed during the retrograde, take care that you are completely clear regarding those documents. You may have some difficulty making decisions about how you want to implement ideas and plans; after the retrograde you may be clearer and implementation might be smoother. coque iphone 8 Mars in 4, Cancer Ascendant: After the retrograde is a positive time to undertake projects at home. If you have wanted to move it’s a good time to pursue that. During the retrograde period projects at home may need to be reworked, or a choice to move may be reconsidered. A parent may need more attention than usual, or time between home and career needs adjustment. Mars in 5, Gemini Ascendant: During the retrograde period creative types may feel stagnant, blocked, or out of the flow. Once Mars goes direct creativity is newly ignited, especially for artists. And during the retrograde children may be more demanding. Also be mindful with gambling or risky undertakings. My advice to workaholic types: take some time to play. Mars in 6, Taurus Ascendant: Once the retrograde period is over a great deal of energy will be career focused. During the retrograde the organizational side of work may be frustrating and draining. At this time you will need to work for what you receive, and you might adjust expectations temporarily. Focus on organizing to improve productivity. If you are an employer you may have issues with employees. Mars in 7, Aries Ascendant: Expect disagreements with your partner during the retrograde period, or there may be legal concerns to attend to in business. A balance between the needs of the partnership and self come into focus. One might wait until after the retrograde to make decisions regarding partnership. After the retrograde period relationships issues may resolve, and focus on partnership issues should bring positive results. Mars in 8, Pisces Ascendant: During Mars in Libra be pristine with all shared monies, taxes, loans, ect. If there are any outstanding issues over shared accounts, now is the time to tie up loose ends. Taxes loans, and monies shared require attention. coque iphone 2019 pas cher Be conservative, not risky, in sexual areas. Promises for loans or funding may fall through temporarily during the retrograde. Mars in 9, Aquarius Ascendant: During Mars in Libra travelling long distance for vacation or adventure is usually welcomed. At the same time business travel involving a foreign opportunity may present itself. However, during the retrograde period there may be glitches in travel plans and opportunities from a long distance. Mars in 10, Capricorn Ascendant: Renewed ambition and drive to push in career areas. New opportunities for leadership may be pursued, and ambition and energy is directed towards distinguishing one in career. coque iphone soldes Calm the tendency to steam roll over others. Results to move forward may be delayed or unsupported until Mars goes direct. Choose your battles wisely. Mars in 11, Sagittarius Ascendant: Mars supports active participation with friends, groups, and organizations. You may be involved in standing up for a friend, or you may find that during this time issues with friends arise. If you are at odds with a friend, you might make more progress if you wait until after the retrograde to resolve the matter. Mars in 12, Scorpio Ascendant: This is where we block or bottle up the energy of Mars. Mars is undercover in the 12th house, so the work for you with this transit is to confront any emotions that you disown, so they can find a healthy expression. coque iphone Under the retrograde you may explore wounds of the past with the goal to heal.

Lynn D. Austin – Psychic, Pet Medium Psychic

Lynn is a professional psychic medium. soldes coque iphone Lynn provides psychic readings and healings for your body, spirit or your space (home or business) on any issue of concern, such as relationship (love), family, money, career, health, etc. As a pet communicator, she can read and heal your pets, living or departed. coque iphone xs max During a reading/healing, Lynn will communicate what she sees in the energy field surrounding your body. coque iphone en ligne As energy in your space is revealed and healed, Lynn helps move blocks or old beliefs that have collected in your body or spirit from this or past lives. She can help neutralize old karma that is ready to be resolved. Certain beliefs or energies can prevent you from moving forward in this life, and Lynn can help pinpoint what’s happening and help you release. Lynn specializes in reading and moving energy around departed spirits and has aided in missing persons and paranormal investigations. coque iphone xs max Lynn’s readings can provide numerous benefits to those longing to reconnect with kindred spirits, departed loved ones or to connect with beings and energies in the spirit world, including angels and spirit guides. Lynn can help you gain peace and increased spiritual awareness. Lynn’s readings are considered spiritual readings, because they create a bridge between our world and the spiritual realm. coque iphone 8 Losing a life partner, child, family member or friend due to unexpected circumstances has the potential to destroy your life. Getting another opportunity to communicate or say goodbye can provide comfort and peace. Knowing your loved one is still there by getting a sign or answer to a question can help to ease the pain and grief of loss.

Education for Your Child’s Soul: A Yogic Perspective

“Education for Your Child’s Soul: A Yogic Perspective.” Swami Jyotirmayananda. Light of Consciousness Journal of Spiritual Awakening. Vol. 20. No. 4. Winter 2008. With Special thanks to Doris L. for sharing with us… == The subject of educating children is very vital because the future of mankind-culture, tradition, religion, all that is good and sublime-depends upon the way children are educated. Children grow up into adults and adults again become children in the process of karmic movement and its continuous cycles of birth and death. Further, the test of a great culture is the art with which children are educated. If children stay frustrated in a society, if they undergo mental torture, if they are not given normal circumstances for higher development and for understanding what is good and evil, then such a society is in a state of degradation. It is important therefore, to understand what type of attitudes parents must evolve toward their children, towards themselves, and towards their mutual education. A KARMIC RELATIONSHIP Firstly one must have the philosophical understanding that children are spirits in the process of repeated embodiment and it is on the basis of the Law of Karma that parents draw certain souls within their family. So, a child’s coming to a home is not an accidental development. It is backed up by a law. The spirit of the child needs an environment that will fulfill the demands of its karma. Accordingly, the parents have been arranged by nature’s laws. So in a way the child is the (parent of the adult). It is (s)he who selected the parents through whom (s)he is born. According to Yogic thought, a child is learning even when (s)he is within the mother’s womb. Even then the child is receiving impressions. So in Yogic culture a mother with child is given an abundance of good association, satsanga. She is careful about where she goes, the thoughts she entertains in her mind, even the pictures she sees. Parents can mold their children through the environment of impressions. On the other hand, you must realize you are not creating the child. The child has been drawn to you on the basis of karma. Whatever you do is in the fitness of the karmic law. At the same time this does not imply that you simply relax and follow your whims in the name of the Law of Karma. A CHILD IS A REFLECTION OF THE SELF Why is a child so lovable to the parent? How can a tiny creature weighing just a few pounds capture their hearts, entrance their minds, involve all their energy? Why is it that the moment you see a little cub of a tiger or a lion, or any child of any species, the human mind develops such a sense of tenderness? What is the psychology behind it? The answer, in brief, is that every human being wants to capture in his consciousness absolute tenderness, absolute beauty and harmony. That, of course, is God, the Divine Self. coque iphone x But since the urge for realizing the Self is very abstract, the complex mind is unable to understand that urge and nature must present various experiences in human life to promote its development. coque iphone So, when parents love their child, in that love they are trying to capture the love of God. Your child reflects that God, That Divinity in it’s simplicity and innocence. When you understand how your child reflects your aspiration for becoming simple, symbolizing the goal you want to reach in life, you can develop an attitude of adoring the Divine Self in the child. This attitude however, should not interfere with your practical dealings with a child. You must be able to separate your instinctive love from the objective needs of a child’s growth. You should not make the child a tool of your love, nor become attached to and dependent on the form of the child to be happy. If you do so you will stunt their development and not let them grow up as they should. Rather understand that a child exists as an independent personality and one day will walk out of your life as a bird that has wings will fly out of the nest. UNIQUE SENSITIVITY OF A CHILD’S MIND A child, according to Yoga, has their kleshas, their afflictions, in a dormant state. Because the ego and it’s selfishness have not yet developed, there is a unique form of sensitivity that nature has given to a child. In practical dealings with children, parent must understand the sensitivity of the child’s mind and realize how deeply every experience penetrates that mind. You remember clearly many things from your childhood days while things that happened a few years ago, or only a few days ago are forgotten. coque iphone 8 The mind of a child is extraordinarily sensitive. Its sensitivity is mystic. Sometimes the child is reflecting even the things that you feel and think. You may be able to conceal many things from other grownup human beings. You can come from your office tense, tired, and filled with explosions within your mind. You can conceal all that when dealing with grownup people, but when you are sitting before children you are sitting before tiny sages. They perceive your inner state though you have not uttered a word. There is a radiation from you and children are more sensitive to that and they imbibe it. So, it is important that adults consider carefully the sensitivity of the mind of a child. SEE THROUGH YOUR CHILDS EYES Parents must also understand how the values of children are different from the values of grownup people. It becomes important for parents to develop sensitivity into children’s psychology. Not through academic learning, but on the basis of spontaneous love and affection, you must become able to commune with your children and understand them. You must try to see how the children think and how they ae looking at things. You should not impose your realities in a very harsh manner. The Law of Karma can cause great differences among children in the same family. Children born of the same parents may be in totally different levels of evolution. Some children have the potentiality of becoming very great in a particular field while others do not. Parents with insight will be able to guide their children according to their potential and their state of evolution, encouraging them to unfold all their inner talents and resources. Parents should not become upset if the children do not function or develop the way they had excepted, because children have their own right to live and express themselves. They cannot be molded exactly according to the expectations of parents. The parents attitude towards the children should be to present a healthy environment for growth, just as the sun and the rain provide a proper environment for seeds to grow. If proper circumstance are given in a society where various personalities are needed, everyone will fit in to perform a correct and right function. From Divine point of view no one is smaller, no one is greater. Therefore, parents should not imbalance their affection and lean more towards children who are brighter or more like themselves, and begin to ignore those that are not so bright or express themselves differently than parents had expected. THE SPIRIT OF DISCIPLINE Practical insight into how to train children must be gradually developed by the parents through experience. There cannot be set laws. Those people who read set laws from research books become like tinny computers, constantly looking into the books to find out exactly how they are going to react to a problem. Parents must build up an atmosphere of warmth and love and within that atmosphere firmness. Allow the children to taste the joy of your satisfaction when they have done well in meeting your healthy expectations. However, when they have not done something well they must also taste the bitterness of having made you dissatisfied. They long to please you and learn to enjoy promoting your satisfaction. That sensitive way in which children must be handled is the subject of profound understanding and the art of being firm in a healthy manner requires a special intelligence. You should not allow the child to have their way all of the time. You must train and discipline the child and your love for the child should not come in the way of that training. If a child gets into some wrong habits you must discipline them firmly, strongly. Even threats and little pats will do no harm. The children will appreciate your actions in the course of time. coque iphone Parents who are afraid that their children will leave them as they grow if they are firmly treated, have not developed deeper love for the children. If you are in a healthy relationship with your children, you will impress upon them the sincerity of your intentions to such an extent that even though you might have been very harsh at times, they will love you immensely. TRUE SPIRITUAL EDUCATION Spiritual Ideals should be given to children, but since people do not have a healthy understanding of the true meaning of spirituality, they often separate the spiritual from the material. Therefore, you hear so much about the cruelty that occurs when children are trained to become everything that the parents are not. Parents, finding in themselves many weaknesses that they cannot remove, want the child to be perfect, free from all those weaknesses. This type of attempt to build perfection in others without bringing perfection within oneself is an erroneous movement. Children are put into great trouble in the name of making them ethically perfect, training them to be pious, religious. Religion is life lived in a healthy plane. Religion is sincerity. Religion is communion with love. It is important not to adopt extreme measures in any direction and to provide conditions so that the children draw from themselves the inherent power with which they are born. That is exactly the meaning of education. Education is to draw out from yourself what you have. For encouraging aspiration for greater things, all you need to do is awaken an interest in the child. The moment a true interest is awakened, the child will follow that pursuit with intense concentration. If a child develops an interest in Self-realization as the goal, he will start to read books that will help him reach that goal. Therefore, the art for parents is to plant in the child a profound interest then leave the child to peruse it. Just guide here and there. Do not go after every detail. For parents to present higher thought patterns in the environment of their children, certain conditions must be present. Firstly, the parents must have higher understanding themselves and be sincerely working towards their own evolution and personality integration. Secondly, there must not be disharmony between the parents. Thirdly, the parents must not seek too many amusements outside. They must consider that the children provide for them an excellent panorama of experience and they in turn provide an interesting environment for the children. Therefore, do not allow the children to just watch TV day and night. It is a terrible defect in the present civilization that parents leave the children completely at the mercy of mechanized entertainment, and that children grow up cold, calculated and insensitive. Therefore, they bring pain to their parents and pain to the society. Rather, come in contact with the children by telling them stories and parables. participate in their lives and come closer to their world. Education is not limited to just training children how to write and read. Education is sharing your life, allowing a child to imbibe vibrations which are necessary for his growth. Bringing forth children, according to the Hindu tradition, is a powerful responsibility, a powerful Yoga. If that responsibility is not understood, a person should not be a grihasta, a householder, and bring forth children he is not prepared to deal with. coque iphone 2019 On the other hand, if you know the art, you are promoting a Yoga. Your doing good to the child enables you, in turn, to evolve faster. You are not educating the child for the child’s sake alone, but for your sake as well. It is within the perspective of educating yourself that nature has provided a conjunction of a soul – the child – with you. You must help the child unfold under your protection and guidance. When children bloom into wonderful personalities, when they turn towards a life which in universal and truly healthy, and when they become enlightened sages, they benefit themselves, the parents, the forefathers, and the entire world.

Kindred Soulzs – Soul Therapy

Known by different names and discovered in different parts of the world all holistic alternative energy therapies originate from One Source. coque iphone pas cher They are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that compliment and fit in with each other perfectly to complete a beautiful picture meant to guide and propel a soul on its life path with healing and insights so it can serve its life purpose. All these therapies work in conjunction and harmony with conventional or natural medical treatments and remedies including but not limited to surgery, drugs, psychological or any other method of alternative care. coque iphone Out of a plethora of soul therapies available today Kindred Soulzs® integrates some as intuitively guided to assist on your spiritual journey by working on physical, mental, coque iphone 6 emotional, coque iphone 8 spiritual and karmic levels to help you blossom into your true magnificence. coque iphone xs max In preparation for the sessions please wear comfortable, coque iphone 2019 season appropriate clothes and avoid using perfumes as senses are usually heightened during a session. coque iphone xr All sessions are done fully clothed.