Yoga & Meditation Introduction

In recent years, prominent medical institutions such as Harvard Medical School and The Mayo Clinic have scientifically validated what practitioners in the East have known for over 5,000 years: Yoga and Meditation reduce stress, enhances clarity of mind, increase fitness and help in the management of chronic health conditions.

Newly published studies from Norway suggest that a comprehensive Yoga program rapidly produces internal changes on a genetic level! Yoga and Meditation, which were once considered to be fringe and esoteric practices, are now mainstream and expanding rapidly into virtually every corner of society. Research proves that a regular practice has been known to decrease anxiety, fatigue, depression, high blood pressure and virtually every other medical and psychological condition.

Within corporations, Universities and school districts, medical establishments and throughout the entertainment industry, Yoga and Meditation are being praised, and practiced as a means to peace of mind, well-being, and even success in one’s endeavors.

Whole Universe is proud to present a select number of Yoga and Meditation practitioners, retreats and spas, and though it is by no means a complete list, we believe in these men and women who can offer you a window in to this world.