Vegan Fusion – Workshops & Retreats

For the first time, we will be working with author of the bestselling book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Juice Fasting” and publisher of VegWorld Magazine Steve Prussack to incorporate juicing into our 10-day immersion. coque iphone 8 Steve will share with you how to start incorporating more juice into your life, quick and easy ways to whip up a delicious juice, and how juice fast programs can really change your life. 1003754_10151772209124446_2054709101_n For more info please visit: A 10 Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine Cooking Immersion We are very excited to be coming to Los Angeles for our popular 10-Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine Immersion. coque iphone x Prepare to transform your life and take your cooking abilities to the next level! Please join us in vegan heaven for a two-week immersion into the world of vegan and raw food cuisine. coque iphone 7

  • Experience greater confidence in the kitchen
  • Save money by learning how to prepare more delicious and healthy cuisine on your own
  • Learn new tips and tricks that will greatly enhance your culinary abilities
  • Connect with others who share a similar interest in vegan and raw foods
  • Deepen your knowledge of the healing qualities of vegan foods
  • Discover new ideas for presentation that will transform an ordinary meal to a gourmet experience

Whether you are an experienced cook, looking to get a job in the vegan restaurant industry, or simply interested in deepening your knowledge of vegan, vegetarian and raw foods, you can learn from the pros how to prepare healthy world-class vegan cuisine! This is a life transforming experience and special opportunity to study intensely with Mark Reinfeld, the founding chef of the Blossoming Lotus Restaurant, winner of the 2006 ‘Ilima Award for “Best Restaurant on Kaua’i”. coque iphone 2019 soldes …………………… Week 1 Monday: Vegan Soups Tuesday: Salads & Dressings Wednesday: The World of Grains and Beans Thursday: Tofu, Tempeh & Seitan Dishes Friday: Casseroles and Sauces ……………….. coque iphone xs max Week 2 Monday: Wraps, Spreads, Sandwiches and Rolls Tuesday: Vegan Desserts Wednesday: Raw Cuisine 1 Smoothies, Pates, Pasta & Pudding Thursday: Raw Cuisine 2 Elixirs, Soups, Plant Cheeses, Ravioli, Parfaits & Ice Cream Friday: Raw Cuisine 3 Nut and Seed Milks, Granola, Pizza, Tacos, Live Pies $1595/student Includes special gifts, daily gourmet vegan feasts and the Vegan Fusion Cuisine chef training manual. coque iphone 8 For more info please visit: Chef and author Mark Reinfeld offers cooking classes, workshops, immersions, teacher trainings, culinary tours, retreats and on-line courses. They are presented in both Central and North America, as well as Europe.

Florence Bertheau – Healthy Chef

floheadshotFor more than 20 years, chef Flo cooked for her many students and celebrity clients the way she had learned in her native France: rich in butter and creamy sauces, heavy on meats, eggs and dairy. Then a paradigm shift happened. She began to see how certain foods had a profoundly positive effect on the health of her autistic daughter and on Flo herself. She created her own food pyramid based on three principles: vegan, gluten-free and pH-balanced. Menus began evolving. Flo started using dense plant-based hypoallergenic foods like sprouted grains, nuts, vegetarian proteins, fresh greens and produce from local farms.

Flo was determined to use this shift to help others receive the dietary components needed to achieve health through food. With her 25 years of culinary expertise and love for flavor, she put weekly meals together to fill the needs of those wanting a more balanced way of eating that was convenient and cost a fraction of health food store prices.

Flo’s journey of ‘health through food’ balances her company values of fresh and raw food nutrition with social and environmental consciousness; being aware of how what we eat affects the earth itself and all animals that live on it. Purchasing seasonal and local, she is able to provide the best quality products that are cost efficient, reduce the carbon footprint, and are cooked with the intention for your good health.

“I started making small changes, the slightest switches; those changes became strong habits. I started making it my ambition to locate recipes to eat healthy, wholesome foods. I seek strength, health and longevity and want the same for my clients.”

Dr. Ryan’s Green Drink – To Your Good Health

This nutrient and energy packed meal is the foundation for all healing and maintaining vibrant health. These whole food smoothies made by grinding the entire fruit or veggie are far superior to any kind of juicing where the fiber or pulp is separated from the juice. Grinding fresh raw greens and fruits exposes more of the plant nutrients to your digestive system for easy absorption.

Into your VitaMix Blender place:

  • 1 cored organic apple with the skin
  • 1 or 2 cored organic juicy pears with the skin
  • 1-2″ square peeled fresh organic ginger root (optional)
  • 4 ounces ice cubes, plus 8 ounces purified or spring water

Blend on HIGH for 1 minute or until it’s the consistency of applesauce. 
4 cups market fresh organic greens, any combination of:

  • black/dinosaur kale, at least 5 leaves
  • beet greens, swiss chard or collard greens, stems removed
  • spinach, parsley, or cabbage leaves
  • mustard greens or dandelion greens
  • 12 more ounces water or organic pomegranate juice
  • 5 drops clear liquid Stevia Extract (optional)

Blend on HIGH for 1 minute or until smooth.
 STORE most of this green base in a 40-ounce stainless steel bottle in the fridge.