Florence Bertheau – Healthy Chef

floheadshotFor more than 20 years, chef Flo cooked for her many students and celebrity clients the way she had learned in her native France: rich in butter and creamy sauces, heavy on meats, eggs and dairy. Then a paradigm shift happened. She began to see how certain foods had a profoundly positive effect on the health of her autistic daughter and on Flo herself. She created her own food pyramid based on three principles: vegan, gluten-free and pH-balanced. Menus began evolving. Flo started using dense plant-based hypoallergenic foods like sprouted grains, nuts, vegetarian proteins, fresh greens and produce from local farms.

Flo was determined to use this shift to help others receive the dietary components needed to achieve health through food. With her 25 years of culinary expertise and love for flavor, she put weekly meals together to fill the needs of those wanting a more balanced way of eating that was convenient and cost a fraction of health food store prices.

Flo’s journey of ‘health through food’ balances her company values of fresh and raw food nutrition with social and environmental consciousness; being aware of how what we eat affects the earth itself and all animals that live on it. Purchasing seasonal and local, she is able to provide the best quality products that are cost efficient, reduce the carbon footprint, and are cooked with the intention for your good health.

“I started making small changes, the slightest switches; those changes became strong habits. I started making it my ambition to locate recipes to eat healthy, wholesome foods. I seek strength, health and longevity and want the same for my clients.”