Moon Voids – What Are They?

MOON VOIDS by Sara E. coque iphone 8 Morrow We all know the legends about werewolves howling on the full moon. Yet, little is known of the metaphysical side of the journey that takes the moon around the earth approximately every 27 days that affects our lives, daily. In its orbit, the moon visits a different zodiac sign approximately every 2½ days. But it’s not always a smooth, even transition between them and there are times when the moon is not within a zodiac’s parameters, therefore it’s said to be in a ‘void’ period. Now consider our lives like a book, the narrator and writer being the moon. Each zodiac sign is like a chapter the moon moves through, telling the story as we go along. Like each new chapter, and story, our life changes with the moon’s journey along with the events and emotions involved. coque iphone 2019 We’re not always consciously aware of these changes, as the moon is connected to our subconscious, which feels the shift. As the moon moves through the zodiac it also makes contact with the planets. These planets inform us of how our story will play out, emotionally and physically. There is always a pause at the end of the story. When the moon is in that phase, we call it a moon void. Understanding the ‘Void’ During this period, often we feel disconnected. Unforeseen, surprising results can arise. Avoid being involved in concerns beyond your spiritual center. coque iphone x Delays and frustration are common. ‘Voids’ are created because these lunar ‘chapters’ aren’t the same length. Some take the whole 2 ½ days, but others are much shorter. The void is thought of as the last moment it makes contact in a sign until the next moment it makes contact in the new sign. An easy way to understand it is: Let’s say the moon is in Virgo from Monday at 12 PM until it leaves Virgo Wednesday at 12 PM, on its way to Libra. But it won’t officially reach Libra until Thursday at 12 AM. Technically, the moon is “in void” for that 12 hours. There’s no complete and undisputable reason for such pauses on the moon’s journey. We can theorize all we want — maybe the next chapter will be intense and we need prep time? Maybe we need time to reflect on the last? Regardless, the moon takes her sweet time in travel and we’re along for the ride. Navigating the ‘Void’ We have learned the void of course period is when the moon is between two signs. But it’s not in some black hole or nowhere to be found. It’s always in flux between one sign or another but before it officially crosses paths with its impending new planet, there’s a period where things can get energetically out of whack. coque iphone 6 It’s important to remember moon voids when making big decisions and considering life’s big questions you may want answered in a certain way. coque iphone pas cher When the moon is in void – the answer to your question is that nothing is going to happen. coque iphone xs max For example, if a person asked – am I going to get that job? The answer would be, likely not because nothing is going to happen. But if it was more – am I going to get fired? Then, the answer of nothing will happen is perceived as a better option. The key – keep in mind the phrase or notion – nothing is going to happen — and use it to your desired outcome. Things suggested to avoid: signing contracts, close a deal, start a project, or anything else you want concrete results from, as they will be plagued with problems. But – if you want to drop some bad news, fewer repercussions will follow. ‘How To’ Guide For most of us, to have the know how, the time and the data to track moon voids is nearly impossible.

Metaphysics Introduction

Metaphysics is at its essence, a field of study that asks a basic question: “What is the ultimate nature of reality?” Within this broad, seemingly limitless definition, are a rich and diverse range of high arts and practices who attempt to answer this question, and The Life Site aims to expose its readers to the vast range of experts in this field.

Ranging from Mediums, Astrologers, Past Life Regression specialists and Aura Readers, just to name a few, these “High Arts” have benefited from millennia of refinement and practice, with their practitioners advising kings, presidents and lay people alike with historic and demonstrable results. The Life Site makes no claims of authenticity or guaranteed results with the experts featured here, however we can say that the exceptional people we feature here have passed the tests of time, reached local, national and international acclaim, and have genuinely changed countless lives for the better. Good luck!

The Akashic Record – What is it?

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “Aether”, and has been described by mystics and esoteric scholars as as a sort of life force recording both the past and future of human thought and action. The notion of an Akashic record is attributed to Alfred Percy Sinnett who, in his book Esoteric Buddhism, wrote of a Buddhist belief in “a permanency of records in the Akasa” and “the potential capacity of man to read the same.” This record can be described as a compendium of mystical knowledge supposedly encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the astral plane.

The Akashic Record was the source from which Edgar Cayce, the legendary American Prophet and Mystic received many of his amazing insights, such as medical knowledge to heal that baffled the experts. The Akashic Record is also referred to as  the “Book of Life”, a repository of all information, every word, deed, feeling, thought, and intent  for every individual who has ever lived on earth. Some maintain only trained mystics can access this record, while other see the ability to access it as one of the rewards and achievements of a spiritual path.