Metaphysics Introduction

Metaphysics is at its essence, a field of study that asks a basic question: “What is the ultimate nature of reality?” Within this broad, seemingly limitless definition, are a rich and diverse range of high arts and practices who attempt to answer this question, and The Life Site aims to expose its readers to the vast range of experts in this field.

Ranging from Mediums, Astrologers, Past Life Regression specialists and Aura Readers, just to name a few, these “High Arts” have benefited from millennia of refinement and practice, with their practitioners advising kings, presidents and lay people alike with historic and demonstrable results. The Life Site makes no claims of authenticity or guaranteed results with the experts featured here, however we can say that the exceptional people we feature here have passed the tests of time, reached local, national and international acclaim, and have genuinely changed countless lives for the better. Good luck!