Rebecca Fearing – Medium, Healer

Rebecca FearingRebecca Fearing is a psychic medium and healer from Southern California. coque iphone 8 She is considered one of the most talented and naturally gifted practicing clairvoyants in the country. coque iphone 2019 soldes Her clients include business professionals, entrepreneurs, celebrities, coque iphone pas cher and law enforcement agencies. coque iphone She connects through spirit with loved ones who have passed away, coque iphone bringing peace, closure, coque iphone 8 guidance and connection. Through this connection, Rebecca can provide detailed information on relationships, coque iphone 7 both business and personal.

Wishing You A Happily Ever After – Char Margolis

Imagine your life is a play. You are the star of the show. coque iphone 6 You are also the director looking down and watching all the characters and experiences that unfold In your world. Since only some things in life are predestined, the choices that you and others around you make build the story of your life. coque iphone xr You also have the ability to help rewrite the script. I have been traveling a lot meeting people for private sessions. It is a joy to read for everyone and a bonus to meet you in person! No matter if I am in America, Canada, The Netherlands or South Africa (thank you for my recent amazing adventure, and warm welcome) I find that there is an overall theme of lessons that weaves through all of our story lines. First is self love, another is dealing with loss. The loss of a loved one who has crossed over and the loss of a relationship where both parties are still alive on the earth plane. Those of us that believe in the spirit world and the world of energy seem to be more sensitive to other people’s feelings. coque iphone 6 They are the givers in life. Sometimes generous to a fault. The first true love is self love. It doesn’t mean you are selfish. It means that your needs matter! When you go on an airplane and the safety instructions are given, they always say in case of an emergency put your oxygen mask on before helping others. I recently read for the most wonderful group of ladies in South Africa. None of them knew one another before the meeting.They were lovely! In most all my groups the people who are suppose to be there attend. In fact, it’s like the guides use divine intervention in choosing the group and most always there is so much more of a connection between them than just the readings they get. One of the girls, a beautiful woman, had a husband who was emotionally and psychologically abusive. He controls everyone with his money, including their only child. In fact, this dysfunctional #%^#* (bleep) is ganging up against his wife with the teenage daughter like the mean girls in high school. When someone puts you down enough times, you begin to believe it. Over forty years ago I was married for a short time. A radio station wanted to interview me. I was so excited to share my new found purpose and ability to help people. I called him after the interview so wanting his approval and he said “I wasn’t impressed. You should go back to speech school”. I finally got tired of this a few years later and we divorced. coque iphone It took time to build up myself esteem. It will take time for her as well but I know she will succeed! There was a young 20 year old girl in the same group. She has experienced more loss in her young life than most in midlife. I saw her mother in spirit Who suffered from cancer. coqueiphone She had passed some years ago way before her time! There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I think all the women in the room wanted to adopt her. The woman I just wrote about said, “I think I knew your mom”. Indeed! They figured it out and she knew her! They are going to go out for lunch. This young girl who had other great premature losses also exuded an amazing strength of faith. An old soul in a young body teaching each one of us a lesson in coping with great loss. By the time they left, emails and phone numbers were being exchanged. After one morning, 7 strangers had become 7 friends. I ask you to think about your life. The choices you make. Do you come from a place of strength or weakness? Do you embrace your self love? Do you cope with loss with faith or do you become a victim? You have control of the pen on paper. Make sure you direct the scenes of your life with wisdom and care. Wishing you a happily ever after! Write on…

Brian Edward Hurst – Medium

Brian Edward Hurst was born in Huntingdon, England. He attended Huntingdon Grammar School where he was known as a budding poet and actor, playing the melancholy Jaques in the school production of Shakespeare’s AsYou Like It. At the age of 19 he moved to London and won a Major County Award to study at The London Guildhall School of Music and Drama. There he appeared in a number of productions and also performed as a film extra and actor for the BBC Producers’ Training School. He graduated with a Performer’s Diploma in Speech and Drama. Brian taught at a Junior High School in London for three years, prior to leaving for India, where he taught English in Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, for two years. Returning to England, he was offered employment as a specialist remedial teacher by the Cambridgeshire Education Authority, and held that position until he left England for the USA in 1980. Throughout this time, Brian was attending Spiritualist Churches as a speaker and demonstrator during weekends. For many years he was a Trustee of the Huntingdon Spiritualist Church in Cambridgeshire. In 1978 and 1979 he witnessed and photographed the amazing husband and wife team from Australia, David and Helen Elizalde performing bare-hand psychic surgery in the healing rooms at the back of the church. Later, he defended the healers on the front page of London’s Psychic News. (At the request of David and Helen Elizalde, whose healing methods have now changed, the photographs and other information about their psychic surgery have been removed from this website) Moving to California in 1980, Brian enrolled in California State College, San Bernardino, and was the prize-winning poet there in 1981. The Parapsychology Association of Riverside also certified him as a teacher and lecturer. Later moving to Manhattan Beach, Brian was consulted by the young James Van Praagh. James received a message that he would one day be a well-known medium. James acknowledges this in his books. In the early 1980’s Brian worked for some time in a doctor’s office and later began to do daily sittings where he established his reputation for providing detailed information from deceased personalities. At that time he also visited many hundreds of homes in Southern California, lecturing and demonstrating his abilities. Soon Brian moved to Hollywood where he gave sittings to a number of movie stars and other celebrities. His friend Leslie Flint the well-known London medium came for vacations to Hollywood, staying at the house next door. Brian was invited in to witness a number of darkroom physical phenomena séances. In Leslie’s séance room Brian experienced the amazing disembodied voices of Dame Ellen Terry, Sir Oliver Lodge, Lionel Barrymore, Maurice Chevalier and his own Uncle Henry who gave him a highly evidential message from his deceased mother. coque iphone 2019 The spirits were perfectly audible as they spoke in the darkened séance room and were clearly recorded by Brian and by several other sitters who were present. For those who are unsure how dead people might genuinely speak in a séance room, please see the Dutch website which has a link further down. This website “Death No End” created by Michael Rogge of Amsterdam has excellent information about Leslie Flint and the creation of ‘ectoplasmic voice boxes.’ These strange floating materializations have been photographed with special infrared cameras. French Nobel prize-winning physiologist Prof. Charles Richet was able to prove the reality of these floating voice boxes and also the reality of ectoplasm as a temporary materialization. (He coined the word ‘ectoplasm’) These voice boxes served as a vehicle for the energy beings we call spirits to resonate on our vibrational frequency and to be recorded in Leslie’s séance room, in many instances as instantly recognizable personalities. Sitters also heard, in addition to family members, the voices of Dame Ellen Terry, Frederick Chopin, George Bernard Shaw, Queen Victoria, Amy Johnson, Leslie Howard, Maurice Chevalier, Lionel Barrymore, John Brown (Queen Victoria’s medium), Oscar Wilde, William Randolph Hearst, Gertrude Lawrence, Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge and many others. The medium’s own throat was never used and these voices manifested independently through the floating voice boxes that were temporarily created in the air above Leslie’s head. (See photographs on the Dutch website mentioned above) All grieving people should know of this truth: Leslie Flint’s mediumship proved survival beyond death and communication with another world. He was tested on numerous occasions by skeptical scientists from the British Society for Psychical Research and was never found to be fraudulent. coque iphone xr We should not fear death. It is “the biggest illusion of the lot,” as the beautiful voice of Dame Ellen Terry remarked at a séance in Hollywood in 1987. She died in 1928 and to prove her continued existence and excellent memory she quoted Portia’s speech from the Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare: “The quality of mercy is not strained…” She was word perfect in spite of having been ‘dead’ for so many years! Excellent photographs of these ectoplasmic voice boxes may also be seen in “THE MEDIUMSHIP OF JACK WEBBER” by Harry Edwards, published by The Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Trust, U.K. Jack Webber was a Welsh coal miner who had a similar gift to Leslie Flint. Jack died as a young man in 1940 after several séance room injuries where ignorant people turned on lights, causing the ectoplasm to fly back to the medium’s body too rapidly, producing shock. To some extent all physical mediums risk their lives and health when they sit for members of the public. Apart from the extreme rarity of physical mediumship, people with this extraordinary gift legitimately do not want to be injured by skeptics who may have negative personal agendas. That may be one reason why the average person does not get the opportunity to experience these things. Leslie’s autobiography: Voices in the Dark – My life as a Medium tells the story of this amazing medium who died in April 1994 aged 83 after sixty years’ service to the Spiritualist Movement. The Leslie Flint Educational Foundation has been created to further the work of this dedicated medium. The Foundation offers for sale copies of some of the spirit voices received over the years in Leslie’s London séance room. As some of the recordings are over thirty years old, the public should not expect perfect reproduction. Nevertheless these messages from the world beyond death are a challenge to all thinking people and offer valid proof of survival. To learn more about this amazing man see: and listen to Annie Nanji, a Swedish lady who died of cancer, speaking to her beloved Indian husband who was a doctor from Bombay. Dr. Nanji said: “This wasn’t someone impersonating my wife; it was my dead wife who knew so many things unknown to the medium, Leslie Flint.” For about 15 years two psychic researchers named George Woods and Betty Greene went to London and tape recorded their private sittings with Leslie. They interviewed a few hundred ‘dead’ people and recorded much valuable information about the after-death experience. Copies of these wonderful tapes went all over the world, some of the recordings being featured on several BBC programs about life after death. THE RETURN OF LESLIE FLINT: In February 2012, British-born physical medium DAVID THOMPSON, now resident in Australia, visited California. He held several physical phenomena séances at a private home in the City of Corona. Brian Hurst joined over 30 sitters in a large garage attached to the house. David was firmly tied to a wooden chair. He was gagged and secured with strong cords and plant ties over and through his woolen cardigan so that he was totally unable to leave the chair or fake any phenomena. During the two hour séance materialized figures moved about in the pitch dark space, touched many sitters and answered questions. Later, a spirit boy spoke in the air and manipulated a luminous trumpet that flew around at top speed, gently touching Brian on the tip of his nose and on his knee without causing any injury. The spirit boy gripped a luminous plaque, walked around the garage and allowed all sitters to see his small fingers. As the boy passed, he gently patted Brian’s cheek. Later, a number of spirit voices spoke clearly in the air. Among them was heard Maurice Barbanell, former editor of London’s Psychic News and his guide Silver Birch who spoke rapidly in a native Indian tongue. The highlight of the evening was a deep voice that clearly said “Where’s Brian?” Brian responded “I’m over here.” There was a gurgling noise as ectoplasm approached Brian and the deep voice said “It’s Leslie. I never thought I would be able to talk to you like this. Your mother and father send their love and ask whether you remember Mr. Fisher.” Brian acknowledged that Mr. coque iphone xr Fisher had been his speech therapist when he was a teenager. Leslie had never been told this previously. Leslie talked about being reunited with his friend Bram Rogers and commented that he had been back to his former home in Brighton, England, and had been disappointed that everything had changed. Leslie then referred to a failed séance in Hollywood that Brian had attended in 1986. At that time a couple of the sitters had blamed Brian for the failure, suggesting that he had taken Leslie’s power. (A ridiculous idea as Leslie was tired that evening and unable to be used) Leslie then referred to Brian as “a true friend” and added “You’re a dear boy. Stay the way you are.” Brian asked how much longer he had to live on earth (much laughter at this point) and Leslie replied: “Even if I knew that I wouldn’t be able to tell you.” To Brian’s amazement he suddenly felt the touch of Leslie’s fingers on both his cheeks. The ectoplasm made a gurgling noise as it retreated to the vicinity of the entranced medium and Leslie then spoke to Christine Morgan, who travelled with David Thompson. Leslie informed her that he was presently assisting an Englishman named Milligan to develop as a direct voice medium. Leslie departed and to everyone’s surprise, black musician Louis Armstrong spoke clearly in his exact earthly voice. Christine handed him a mouth organ and Louis Armstrong entertained the sitters with a lively piece of music followed by his well-known song ‘Hello Dolly.’ Just before the séance closed there was a loud thump from the center of the garage. When the lights were restored, David Thompson, still gagged and bound firmly to his chair, had been levitated from the corner of the garage to a plywood panel that had been placed in the center. coque iphone 7 When the sitters examined David they saw that his woolen cardigan had been totally reversed upon his body. All the ropes and plant ties were intact but the buttons were now down his back. Brian was deeply grateful for Leslie Flint’s message which was totally authentic and referred to events not known to David Thompson or anyone else sitting in the garage. PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP AT BRIAN’S HOME IN RESEDA, CALIFORNIA: In 1997 the four members of the Scole Experimental Group visiting from England held eight highly successful physical phenomena séances in Brian Hurst’s blacked out garage. Over 160 people witnessed the spirit lights that flew rapidly around the room and entered the bodies of some sitters who needed healing. There was also levitation of a small round table identified by luminous tabs. coque iphone 8 At various times spirit voices spoke rapidly from different corners of the room. Wind chimes that had a luminous paddle were also played loudly and then levitated around the pitch-dark garage, being ultimately placed back on a tiny hook in the rafters. Most impressive was the actual materialization of spirit arms and hands that moved around, touching people in the circle. One group also experienced the rapid footsteps of a spirit known as “the marathon man” as he circled the garage in partially materialized form, creating strong breezes that were felt by everyone present. The four mediums, Robin and Sandra Foy, Alan & Diana Bennett, wore luminous armbands fastened with Velcro, and did not, at any time, leave their seats. Alan and Diana were in deep trance for most of the sittings, conveying messages from various spirit personalities who described with 100% accuracy the various phenomena as it occurred. Robin played background music on a small tape recorder, while his wife Sandra, a powerful and natural medium, spoke at intervals to the sitters. One lady said: “I reached out in the dark and felt a warm man’s hand. I actually shook hands with the spirit. Curiously I leaned forward to touch the elbow and then the shoulder. I was quite shocked to find that the warm, living arm had no body attached.” During one of the sittings people also felt the physical presence of an affectionate cat with a long furry tail that rubbed against their legs. On another occasion sitters commented that they could feel the presence of a friendly dog that wagged its tail and moved among them in a materialized form. From these very real experiences it can be deduced that animals also survive physical death and can manifest in séance rooms when there is suitable power and loving acceptance. The fact that such amazing phenomena could be reproduced so far from the dark cellar in Scole, Norfolk where the sittings originally took place, greatly impressed researchers. The Scole mediums made psychic history by their successful visit to California and the powerful impact they made upon the delighted sitters. A full account of the first sitting in the darkened garage is included in Brian’s autobiography “HEAVEN CAN HELP,” now republished by iUniverse in a new revised format with additional photographs and chapters. The first edition had some good reviews and sold many copies. This version is even better and includes detailed information about rare séance phenomena and suggestions for personal development.

New Study: Your Brain During Medium Readings

Thanks to a team of researchers, including scientists from IONS, the study of mediumship recently made its debut in the academic journal Frontiers in Psychology.

This pioneering study funded by the BIAL Foundation investigated both the accuracy and the mental activity of mediums as they were tasked with communication with the deceased.

This was not only the first paper on mediumship to be published in this journal, but the first study using 32-channel electroencephalography (EEG; measuring brain activity) to address the intriguing question: Is the experience of communication with the deceased a unique mental state?

In collaboration with Paul Mills at the University of California, San Diego, and Julie Beischel and Mark Boccuzzi at the Windbridge Institute, Arnaud Delorme, Dean Radin, and Leena Michel at IONS designed and ran this study, which tasked six Windbridge Certified Research Mediums with two separate activities.

In the first activity, a double-blinded experiment using a modified version of the standard Windbridge Institute mediumship research reading protocol, mediums were given the first name of a deceased individual and asked a set of 25 questions about that individual.

After a set time period during which EEG data was collected, each medium was asked to verbally provide answers to each of those questions. Their responses were transcribed and scored for accuracy by individuals who knew the deceased. Three of four mediums evaluated for accuracy yielded statistically significant results.

In the second activity, the mediums were guided to experience four distinct mental states: thinking about a known living person (recollection), listening to a biography (perception), thinking about an imaginary person (fabrication), and interacting mentally with a known deceased person (communication). The reason for such a protocol is that skeptics will often argue that the mediumship mental state is akin to making up an imaginary person or remembering previously obtained information. Electrocortical activity was measured during each state.

Reliable (i.e. statistically significant) differences among the four conditions were found in all participants. These data suggest that the mediumship state is a subjective experience with brain correlates that are distinctly different from activities like recollection, perception, or fabrication. In other words, from this empirical foundation it appears that mediums are involved in a process that cannot be explained as imagination or some other form of known recall.

The results (and the researchers) don’t point to this as definitive “proof” of mental communication with the deceased, but the accuracy ratings in the first task and the unique brain activity measured in the second certainly call for further inquiry into this still quite under-studied phenomenon in the scientific literature.
If you would like to read the abstract or download the full text, click here.

Peggy Rometo – Intuitive Healer & Psychic Medium

Peggy RometoAs one of the world’s most gifted intuitive teachers, Peggy Rometo shares her wisdom with Fortune 500 leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs and celebrities as well as housewives, firemen, and schoolteachers. Deepak Chopra, Donna Karan and Demi Moore are just a few of the notable figures who praise her work. Her tenacity and absolute confidence in what she teaches, combined with humor and grace, has attracted individuals from all walks of life. Her practical style and genuine care are the perfect assets in guiding others to access and manifest spiritual guidance. Rometo’s approach appeals to entrepreneurs, trendsetters and go-getters, as she helps to take the guesswork out of increasing the value of our lives. <br><br> Author of The Little Book of Big Promises and the soon-to-be-published Genius Intuition, Rometo offers “how-to” guides for tapping into our innate wisdom founded on her belief that all the answers we seek come from within.  She has appeared on FOX News’ Strategy Room and We tv, and has been featured at Hay House “I Can Do It” events, Donna Karan’s NYC-based Urban Zen Studio, the Omega Institute, and the Zurich-based Lebenskraft Festival. <br><br> Highly intuitive from a young age, Peggy Rometo spent much of her life resisting her gifts, and became a successful entrepreneur and realestate investor and raised three children together with her husband Bob.  At age 38, she lost a brother in an unexpected accident, prompting her to reevaluate her life’s purpose.  She instantly connected to a wellspring of inner guidance, which she has honed to understand intuitive ability in herself and others.


Char Margolis – Intuitive Medium, Psychic


Char Margolis’s mantra in life is to make a difference in the lives she touches and the people she encounters. CHAR utilizes her abilities as a psychic medium connecting people with their loved ones in the Spirit World tirelessly, and has done so for the last four decades. Char Margolis has one mission, and that is to help alleviate fear in her client’s lives. She turns the fear of death into reunions on a daily basis, and empowers everyone to utilize their intuition to make healthier and empowered decisions and choices. This simple task for Char helps inspire many with choices they face day to day. She wrote best selling books, (translated into many languages) to go along with her teachings, QUESTIONS FROM EARTH, ANSWERS FROM HEAVEN, DISCOVER YOUR INNER WISDOM, LIFE, and the recent bestseller LOVE KARMA.

At a time when doing psychic work was left for backroom fortunetellers, CHAR blazed a trail on mainstream Television to legitimize the subject in a public forum. From print, radio to Television, one state at a time she appeared on morning show after morning show until her accuracy caught the eyes of Regis Philbin who became a TV supporter. As documented by the Martin Family, In 1987, Char assisted Dean Martin and his family when their son Dean Paul Martin disappeared during an Air Force training flight. The Air Force searched for five days and found nothing. Within two hours of Char sharing her intuitive insights, the lost plane was found. Shortly after, the National shows came calling. Since then, her work has been showcased on shows of prominence like Larry King, Ricki Lake, Sally Jesse Raphael, Maury, Leeza, The Talk, and THE VIEW and more. Known for countless appearances, many stand out prominently like announcing Kelly Ripa was pregnant on live television; shocked and prompting her to reveal that it was true and stating, “my bosses don’t even know yet!” That appearance was voted as the #1 Viewer’s Favorite Segment in the 20 years of the show! When Regis retired from the show, Char was an invited surprise guest for Regis and Kelly’s 10th Anniversary Special. Kelly revealed she believed this moment with Char was the reason she was hired! Check out the video on Today, Char is sought after and respected as one of “the” authorities in her field. She is a favorite guest on Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Dr. Oz, Extra, The Talk, The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood and lectures across the US, South Africa, The Caribbean, Canada and The Netherlands where she hosted her own Prime Time TV show for over a decade.

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