Rising Hearts Bakery – Culver City, CA

If you are what you eat, keep it close to your heart and keep it healthy! The team at Rising Hearts Bakery wants to help you do just that with its delectable selection of baked goods for a healthier you. Edie Erwin always enjoyed baking, but when her son came down with serious food allergies, a new direction was born out of necessity but full of love. coque iphone 7 She began baking with low-gluten grains and her breads caught the attention of Bob Goldberg and his partner Paul Lewin, the owners of Follow Your Heart restaurant. Edie started working with Bob to adapt her bread recipes for use at the restaurant. Bob and Paul were presented with the opportunity to buy The Sensitive Baker, a gluten-and-dairy-free bakery founded by Sandee Heir and located in Culver City, CA. soldes coque iphone 2019 Building on their relationship, they asked Edie and her husband Dan to become partners with them in the bakery. coque iphone 8 From this point on, it was full speed ahead. coque iphone xs max In 2012, they changed the name to “Rising Hearts Bakery” to more closely tie in to Paul and Bob’s restaurant where it all began, Follow Your Heart. Edie is known as the heart of the bakery and uses a skill set honed over a lifetime of baking to develop a vast variety of delicious gluten-free baked goods – -everything from breads to deserts. coque iphone soldes And more good news – they’re growing their selection of Vegan products, too. Rising Hearts Bakery has turned into one of the top gluten-free bakeries, nationwide. And if you’re lucky enough to live in the Los Angeles area, you can stop in the flagship retail store in Culver City and sample these treats hot out of the oven – even better.