The Farmer and the Cook – Restaurant

the cook I became amazed by the experience of a simple meal in a beautiful setting, when I was an 18 year old exchange student in Mexico. How could tortillas, beans and coleslaw on the beach in San Blas taste so good? That was the local, organic and scratch cooked food of the 70’s. I went to college for a masters in nutrition all the while avoiding my destiny as a cook. I wanted to be bona-fide, I wanted to have a profession. coque iphone 6 After eating well in San Francisco and Seattle, I had the guts to follow my passion and I returned home to Ojai and opened the City Bakery-Cafe in Ventura in 1988. I was running the bakery in Ventura and bought organic vegetables from Steve at the Ventura farmers market. I visited his farm in Carpinteria and remember saying to him, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a restaurant on a farm?” We were both married to other people at the time, but a decade later, when we were both divorced, we fell in love at the Ojai farmers market, this time while buying kabocha squash. On a trip to San Francisco we bought this now much despised 7 dollar organic tomato and thought if we had both a farm and a store we could save people a lot of money… coque iphone en ligne it took us 9 years to make any ourselves, but that is ok because we are dreamers and we’ve had alot of laughs along the way. coque iphone soldes the farmer An adherent to the organic farming movement since the 1960s, I now farm on 12 acres (CCOF certified) in Ojai and now devote a lot of energy towards training farmers and consumer education. vente de coque iphone Four new organic farmers in our area formerly worked for me. coque iphone 8 The farm is an open resource and the CSA program includes a large number of volunteer harvesters, long-term and one-time participants. I am the president of the Ojai Center for Regenerative Agriculture and the former president of the Cornucopia Institute. coque iphone I attended Harvard College for only one year due to my innate curiosity. I have a degree in Literature from The University of California at Santa Barbara. I have been active in organic certification and public interest policy in Carpinteria at CCOF, as a Santa Barbara farmers market officer (P, VP) and board member, at the Texas Department of Agriculture, as a founder of the Organic Farmers Marketing Association (VP, T), as an associate editor at ACRES, USA (1998-2007), organic administrator and inspector for many private organizations in the US Midwest, even an FDA delegate to the UN/FAO Codex Alimentarius! I write and speak Spanish. My favorite color is white, favorite vegetable the cucumber, favorite book All Quiet on the Western Front, favorite film Dr. Strangelove.

Foragers – Grocer, Table, Wines

Foragers brings clean and ethical food of the highest quality to our customers by shortening the distance between farm and fork. We believe that it is worth going the extra mile to find foods that are healthy for human, animal, and land. Nine years ago in DUMBO, Anna Castellani, Richard Lamb and Clifford Shikler felt that their up-and-coming Brooklyn neighborhood needed a place to buy fresh and healthy food. They decided together that the only way to find such a market was to create one. In 2005, Foragers opened its doors to a pretty skeptical crowd. coque iphone soldes At the time, small, independent markets like Foragers were a new concept, and people were not as interested in sourcing and growing practices as they are now. Over the years, as people became more savvy about food quality, neighbors grew to count on Foragers to be a reliable source for healthy food. In 2009, we even established our own farm in Canaan, New York to help meet our customers’ demands for local produce and pastured eggs. coque iphone 7 Soon we were looking to expand to a second location and chose Chelsea because of its diverse, vibrant community. coque iphone 2019 pas cher We were lucky to find a big enough space to house two more of our dream concepts: the Table, which is our farm-to-table restaurant, and Foragers City Wines which carries mostly organic, sustainable and biodynamic wines. Two markets, a restaurant, a wine store, a delivery truck and one farm later, Foragers is dedicated to bringing food of the highest quality to our shoppers. coque iphone 6

  • Small scale farming using deep organic principles.
  • Organic, local groceries
  • Prepared Foods & Catering
  • Vibrant seasonal cuisine
  • Private events
  • A wonderfully cultivated selection of organic, sustainable and biodynamic wines. outlet coque iphone Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help you choose the perfect bottle for any occasion.


Gracias Madre – Restaurant

gracias-2Gracias Madre is truly an expression of who we are – it represents our deep love of and reverence for food, our commitment to health and sustainability, our unconditional love for our multicultural family and community, our devotion to the Earth and the divine feminine, and our commitment to raising consciousness on the planet. coque iphone It is our intention that the emphasis we place on the sourcing of our food will bring consciousness in the community to the importance of sustainability and of buying and selling locally grown organic food. coque iphone soldes Terces Engelhart has had a lifelong love of Mexican food. In the late seventies, this love inspired her to turn the Ben Franklin Inn in Pittsburgh where she was a manager into a Mexican restaurant, making it the first Mexican restaurant in the state of Pennsylvania – she created all the recipes, and would even drive to Virginia to purchase fresh corn tortillas! Terces’ passion has only been enhanced since moving to the Bay Area and, more recently, living on the Be Love Farm, where every day she prepares complete farm-grown vegan Mexican meals for herself, Matthew and the farm family, using her own corn grinder and tortilla press. Matthew and Terces’ Mission-based Café Gratitude employees also found themselves turning to Mexican food when looking for a hearty meal, but eating at the local taquerias was inconsistent with their commitment to veganism and organics. coque iphone xr It was noticed that, aside from our own kitchens, there was actually nowhere in the Bay Area that you could find organic, vegan, non-GMO Mexican food, and so Matthew and Terces decided to fill this void by creating Gracias Madre.

Café Gratitude Director of Operations, Chandra Gilbert, has been spearheading the Gracias Madre project since the time that it was just in the idea stage. In addition to her innumerable responsibilities overseeing the entire Café Gratitude company, she is the co-designer of our gorgeous restaurant as well as the co-creator of the menu. To Gracias Madre’s design, development and menu she brings her impeccable aesthetic sense, her creative vision, her inspiring and multi-faceted management skills, and her passion for and inherent mastery of food. All of this is combined with her more than 25 years of experience in the restaurant business, the majority of those spent as a chef in various capacities. coque iphone It has been a lifelong dream of Chandra’s to open an organic, vegan Mexican restaurant, so opening up Gracias Madre is literally a dream come true! gracias-3Lindsey Kraten, proud General Manager of Gracias Madre, grew up in Santa Cruz, California. coque iphone x She has been passionate about the Spanish language and Spanish and Latin American cultures, food and the restaurant environment since her childhood. She decided that she wanted to be fluent in Spanish so she committed herself to learning in school, traveling to Spanish speaking countries and practicing every day with her friends and co-workers. coque iphone 6 During this time she received her degree in Hospitality/Restaurant Management at Le Cordon Bleu California Culinary Academy. coque iphone 8 Since then, she has been working in Latin-themed restaurants gaining experience in the industry with a focus on conscious and sustainable practices. Since joining the Café Gratitude family in June 2010, she has played an integral role in teaching and sharing the tools for transformation with our Spanish speaking employees, as well as being a bridge between English and Spanish speaking communities by facilitating conscious communication between speakers of both languages.

Zinc Cafe & Market

Zinc Cafe features an open kitchen, coque iphone en ligne a cocktail room featuring crafted cocktails, multiple bars for eating and drinking and a large outdoor patio (dogs allowed). The menu offers lacto-ova and vegan food with salads, coqueiphone grains, coque iphone 6 vegetables, paninis and small pizzas, soldes coque iphone plus pastries, coffees and desserts. coque iphone x It is designed to be as enticing to non-vegetarians as it is to vegetarians! Restaurant Services: Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner • Brunch, coque iphone 2019 Market Services: daily salads • cheeses • desserts • prepared foods • retail Bar Mateo at Zinc: offers a full bar of craft cocktail, coque iphone 8 a great selection of beers on tap and wine. Hours: 7am-12:00am Monday-Saturday 7am-10:00am Sunday 7am- 2:00pm Saturday and Sunday Brunch 580 Mateo Street Los Angeles,

Akasha Restaurant

AKASHA fea­tures New American cui­sine offer­ing com­fort food with big fla­vors and sus­tain­able ingre­di­ents, for car­ni­vores and her­bi­vores alike. coqueiphone Chef/Caterer Akasha Richmond brings vision­ary cui­sine to her own neigh­bor­hood eatery located in the his­toric Hull Building in down­town Culver City. coque iphone x Keeping the prin­ci­ples of sus­tain­abil­ity in mind, the building’s orig­i­nal steel, wood, con­crete and brick arches were restored while the design mate­ri­als pair with a sev­en­ties moder­nity to exude an invit­ing and lively atmos­phere. coque iphone xr The Cafe has both sweet and savory selec­tions, as well as locally roasted Intelligentsia cof­fee. soldes coque iphone The 20-seat bar high­lights fresh juice cock­tails, organic and pre­mium spir­its, beer and wine. soldes coque iphone The entire menu is avail­able for cater­ing or to go. coque iphone en ligne Akasha Richmond, renowned chef and pop­u­lar author, has enjoyed great suc­cess at her epony­mous restau­rant, AKASHA, since its open­ing in February 2008. coque iphone xr Akasha knows her rep­u­ta­tion is hard-earned, and she takes that trust very seri­ously.

Axe Restaurant

Originally opened in 1990 in Santa Monica, Axe was a popular destination for surrounding business people and residents featuring a simple breakfast and lunch menu. coque iphone outlet A short time later the clientele expanded as did the menu which began to include dinner. coque iphone After the 1994 earthquake, Axe was abruptly closed due to damage to the old brick building that housed it. Three months later, under barricade and scaffold, the cafe reopened for a brief nine-month period. coque iphone 7 It wasn’t until 1999 that Axe was resurrected in its current location on Abbot Kinney. coque iphone 8 In Venice, chef-owner Joanna Moore found the perfect locale to set roots and develop her original project even further. The self-designed restaurant is constructed of congona and black acacia woods. coque iphone pas cher Handmade jute lamps lend warmth and richness to the serene, modern and unique space where Joanna’s design sensibilities (she studied at Art Center) and innate passion for food co-exist. Open windows invite the ocean breeze into the simple and spare space giving us a calm refuge from the city outside. coque iphone xs max Axe’s seasonal menu is culturally diverse, uncomplicated yet refined and highlights beautiful local farm direct organic ingredients. Joanna can only describe it best as soul food from California that nourishes both the body and the spirit. The beer and wine list reflects Axe’s commitment to artisan products and features boutique producers that make their product with love and care. coque iphone 7 More than a restaurant Axe is a place where the ideal of neighborhood can be shared with a city as big as Los Angeles.