Leila Stuart, Centerpoint Yoga Therapy

Leila3A Message from Leila Stuart… I have been a student of yoga for over 35 years and a teacher since 1993. coque iphone pas cher Drawing on my passion for anatomy and my background as a Registered Massage Therapist specializing in structural realignment and movement repatterning, I have developed a transformational system of therapeutic yoga called Centerpoint Yoga Therapy, which caters to students with physical, mental and spiritual challenges. In classes and workshops, my focus is to create the conditions for students to experience their wholeness by exploring experiential anatomy and the interplay between awareness, gentle movement and breath. coque iphone By cultivating a felt sense of their “living” anatomy and inherent body wisdom, students can apply this intelligence in a practical way to their own healing process. coque iphone 2019 pas cher In my yoga therapy classes, I invite students to make yoga a living transformational process by asking them to practice “off the mat.” I strongly believe that the whole being in all dimensions must be engaged in order for healing to happen; this can occur when awareness is cultivated on a moment-to-moment basis. coque iphone I also strongly believe that the deeper teachings of yoga can be embodied so as to become a daily transformational experience. I had firsthand experience of the transformational potential of this practice when I developed a debilitating fatigue condition in 2001 and crippling rheumatoid-type arthritis in 2005. For 10 years, I was unable to do anything but the simplest, minimal physical practice; I was so grateful for all of the yoga therapy tools that I knew. It was awareness, meditation and the practice of Witness Consciousness that kept me going and prevented me from living in despair. coque iphone I was always able to do SOMETHING that would bring about some change in what I was experiencing. During this time, yoga transformed from a theoretical practice into an absolutely practical, lived experience.