Gaia House – Retreat

Gaia House is a Silent Meditation Retreat Centre – a sanctuary of contemplative calm set amongst the gentle hills and quiet woodlands of South Devon.

Buddhist Meditation Retreats are an opportunity to explore and develop serenity, wisdom and compassion through meditation and mindfulness practice in a supportive environment.

We offer an extensive Group Retreat Programme with meditation instruction and teachings drawn from a variety of Buddhist traditions, with emphasis on Vipassana or Insight Meditation.

Group Retreats are led by experienced Dharma teachers from around the world. Beginners are very welcome, as are more experienced meditation practitioners wishing to deepen your practice.

We also offer Personal and Work Retreats, which are suitable if you have previous experience of silent retreats and an established meditation practice.

All retreats are held in silence, with the exception of the annual Family Retreat.

A registered (non-profit) charity founded in 1983, Gaia House is run by a Board of Trustees who are committed to preserving, protecting and enhancing emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual health through meditation. Gaia House Meditation Retreats are open to all. To benefit, all that is needed is an interest in inner exploration and development.