Tashi Powers – Evolutionary Astrologer

tashiheadshotTashi has been an astrologer since she was a teenager, and has read over 10,000 charts. She has clients on four continents, and has lectured and taught Astrology in the US, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. She currently lives in the City of Angeles, Los Angeles, where she works full time as a professional evolutionary Astrologer.

Tashi was born seeing and speaking to Angels, who to this day assist her in tuning into higher dimensional planes of reality, where we co create our futures with the source/force/God/Goddess. Tashi’s greatest joy is to help her clients understand how their intention is the creator of their reality, and how the Cosmos, Mother Nature and the Clocks of the Universe – read by her practice of Evolutionary Astrology – reveal our archetypal interdependence with all that is.