Rahelio: How to Survive a Lunar Eclipse

Yesterday after sunset there was a bright object in the east that caught my attention. It was relatively large for anything astronomical and I thought maybe it was a UFO. After checking my astrology program on my phone I realized it was the planet Mars. Today Mars is in opposition to the Sun with the Earth in between them, and soon Mars will also make its closest approach to the Earth bringing its influence into greater expression for us. Mars, the mythological God of War, is the ruler of the sign Aries, and is an indicator of how we project our desire and passion out into the world. Sometimes this can lead to new experiences and self-realizations or can bring forth conflict and disharmony with those whom we encounter. With the Sun at this time in the sign of Aries in opposition to Mars in Libra, the initiative and drive that is the usual expression of Aries and Mars is tempered by Mars appearing to be in retrograde motion. Mars has been retrograde since March 1st. This retrograde motion of Mars while opposite the Sun brings to awareness a need for objectivity and balance regarding that which we desire to make manifest in the world. soldes coque iphone 2019 With the emphasis on the signs Aries and Libra we have to find the balance between our personal creative needs and freedom of self-expression with our relationship requirements and compromises. This has been an ongoing process with the retrograde motion of Mars. The question is what do we want to be happy? Where are we going with our life and what obstacles challenge us in fulfilling our desire? The retrograde motion of Mars is about turning inward to review and reflect upon what it is that we want. It may be that although you are headed in a certain direction, things aren’t going quite the way you might like. This can bring up frustration or anger if it includes obstacles from relationships with significant others. Retrograde planetary motion quite often brings up karmic situations that have to be reviewed and reconciled. Situations and relationship issues out of the past may come to a head as the Sun and Mars come into alignment with the Earth, and now present an opportunity for one to be clear and objective about what their priorities are. This may include having to surrender attachments to that which we desire and letting go of whatever is not working in a healthy way for us. When a planet is retrograde it opens us to the influence of the next planet outside of its orbit. coque iphone For Mars this would be Jupiter and therefore the need to find the vision and perspective to see where our life direction will take us if we follow our intuitive knowing. With Jupiter in the sign of Cancer we have to understand what can work best for family and issues of personal security. This is where Mars in Libra has to find peace with relationship and family issues versus the need to do our own thing. On April 15th we will have a lunar eclipse with Mars in a grand cross planetary alignment that includes Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. And in addition to this Pluto will be TURNING station Retrograde which will be a trigger to release its powerful energy. coque iphone x This is again another very volatile pattern with Uranus and Pluto adding to the ongoing revolution in our social reality. Issues of war and peace, financial security and the impact on family matters and the changing dynamics that are involved are in play, including earth changes and weather extremes. coque iphone This is a very important time for prayer and ceremonial gatherings to harmonize this energy. Eclipses bring karmic issues to a head and can allow for greater awareness because of the shifts that it can trigger in our reality, and especially with the Pluto station retrograde. The winds of change are in the air. For some people this will bring new realizations and greater personal freedom relative to issues of security, family dynamics and relationships. For others this can be a time of radical upheaval and disruption if they are not paying attention and allowing for necessary changes and adjustments in their personal lives especially regarding the significant others that are involved. soldes coque iphone Relationships can be a catalyst for personal growth for some but for others there can be conflict and discord if they can’t come to agreement about issues that need compromise, and attachments that have to be let go of. Whatever it is that comes to greater awareness now needs to be paid attention to and positively acted upon whether its issues with health, work, relationship or family, etc. Otherwise it can create more problems and greater difficulty and bring with it upheaval and disruption that might otherwise be avoided. It’s a time for letting go that which is no longer working in our best interest to allow for new beginnings… And a time for greater self realization to what it is we wish to make manifest in our lives and with whom we choose to share it with.

April 2014 Astrology – Cathryn Hunter

By Cathryn Hunter

JKP_1281smThrough astrology we take a deeper look. It informs our path, offering the keys to unlocking the mystery of who we are, as well as what we are experiencing at this moment.  The Natal chart is struck at the moment of birth, and represents the planetary connections at that precise time; the links between the universe and the individual.  It reveals our personal experience, our life themes, where we struggle and where we are gifted. Although our Natal chart is struck, the planets continue to move in their planetary paths, and in doing so form relationships to our natal chart; as time goes by, these transits energize certain areas and themes in our life experience. Astrology is a symbolic language, and my gift is to translate and decode those symbols into meaningful information.

In the first half of 2014 we are experiencing an ongoing string of retrogrades which began with Venus, then Mercury, Mars, and Mercury again. During this time frame there are few breaks in the retrograde patterns. More than a time of initiation and action, this is a time of reevaluation, taking another look, turning another eye, considering divergent opinions.

April promises to be an intense month, with a Lunar Eclipse, and a Grand Cross that engages the ongoing square of Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, which began in 2012 and continues for another year and a half. In April, Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer are added to the mix, escalating the Square to a Grand Cross.  Pluto and Uranus in hard aspect can be explosive and tense. Pluto in Capricorn represents the status quo and favors steady progress and transformation, Uranus is more interested in change, no matter what the cost. In the square we feel the tension and intensity represented by the conflicting perspectives of the planets.

The lesson of this time is flexibility; tension and stress are related to digging in our heels, holding fast to what is not working, and resisting change.  In April the cardinal signs, Libra, Capricorn, and Aries at 13 degrees, are most affected.  If you have planets in those signs and degrees in your natal chart expect issues to surface.  Change is up, one cannot move back into regressive containers, no matter how safe they feel. Although these cardinal signs at 13 degrees feel it most intensely, this theme is relevant for all.  If you have no planets at those specific signs and degrees the energy is operating somewhere in your chart or life experience. By looking at your personal chart you can see where this energy is directed and felt. Although stressful, these cycles come to facilitate needed change, and for most, change is not easy. Use Uranus to open to change, Mars for courage to strike a new path, Pluto to open to transformation, and Jupiter to embrace expansion.

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