April 2014 Astrology – Cathryn Hunter

By Cathryn Hunter

JKP_1281smThrough astrology we take a deeper look. It informs our path, offering the keys to unlocking the mystery of who we are, as well as what we are experiencing at this moment.  The Natal chart is struck at the moment of birth, and represents the planetary connections at that precise time; the links between the universe and the individual.  It reveals our personal experience, our life themes, where we struggle and where we are gifted. Although our Natal chart is struck, the planets continue to move in their planetary paths, and in doing so form relationships to our natal chart; as time goes by, these transits energize certain areas and themes in our life experience. Astrology is a symbolic language, and my gift is to translate and decode those symbols into meaningful information.

In the first half of 2014 we are experiencing an ongoing string of retrogrades which began with Venus, then Mercury, Mars, and Mercury again. During this time frame there are few breaks in the retrograde patterns. More than a time of initiation and action, this is a time of reevaluation, taking another look, turning another eye, considering divergent opinions.

April promises to be an intense month, with a Lunar Eclipse, and a Grand Cross that engages the ongoing square of Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, which began in 2012 and continues for another year and a half. In April, Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer are added to the mix, escalating the Square to a Grand Cross.  Pluto and Uranus in hard aspect can be explosive and tense. Pluto in Capricorn represents the status quo and favors steady progress and transformation, Uranus is more interested in change, no matter what the cost. In the square we feel the tension and intensity represented by the conflicting perspectives of the planets.

The lesson of this time is flexibility; tension and stress are related to digging in our heels, holding fast to what is not working, and resisting change.  In April the cardinal signs, Libra, Capricorn, and Aries at 13 degrees, are most affected.  If you have planets in those signs and degrees in your natal chart expect issues to surface.  Change is up, one cannot move back into regressive containers, no matter how safe they feel. Although these cardinal signs at 13 degrees feel it most intensely, this theme is relevant for all.  If you have no planets at those specific signs and degrees the energy is operating somewhere in your chart or life experience. By looking at your personal chart you can see where this energy is directed and felt. Although stressful, these cycles come to facilitate needed change, and for most, change is not easy. Use Uranus to open to change, Mars for courage to strike a new path, Pluto to open to transformation, and Jupiter to embrace expansion.

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