Clairvoyant Angelic Healing

You Angel You – Peter and Anne Selby Clairvoyant Angelic Healing Clairvoyant Angelic Healing is a modality in which Angels provide insights into the causes of dis-ease (albeit physical, emotional, mental or spiritual), communicating through ancient archetypes and symbols that reference problematic areas within one’s consciousness. Responding to the invitation by our clients to do so, we invoke the guidance and help of their Guardian Angels, their connection to Source (however they define Source) and their Higher Self to unveil the hidden causation of suffering and limitation in connecting with their own Divine Nature and vibrant health. acheter coque iphone en ligne Thus we see healing on the physical plane as a manifestation of the deeper healing in the Soul and the Spirit, which can be blocked by virtue of unresolved conflicts and traumatic residues from this life and past lives. coque iphone en ligne Similarly, Angels support their charges to heal unresolved negative ancestral projections (negative lineage influences), thus creating blessings for both their ancestors and their progeny. Angels also reveal and heal dysfunctional relationship patterns and co-dependencies that plague humans everywhere through providing insights into the inner workings of their own psyche and their own ‘inner couple’. They show how these unconscious inner workings project onto the outer world and into one’s relationships, creating challenges that ultimately are best resolved from within oneself where Angels help us all to heal through promoting higher awareness and supporting healthier choices. Through helping their charges to reconnect to their original virtues and authentic angelic nature, Angels can help people ‘reset’/heal their consciousness per their original design as a Hu-Man Being as being made in the image of God Source, thus co-creating a better life and a healthier body. coque iphone 8 About Peter and Anne Peter & Anne make their home in Sisters, Oregon and work together co-facilitating private healing sessions, distance healings, teaching workshops & public speaking. Peter G. Selby Peter has worked as a clairvoyant healer and medical intuitive since the early 90’s. He has been a Registered Physical Therapist since 1978 and is licensed in the State of Montana. He holds a B.A. coque iphone 2019 from Stanford University and a degree in Rehabilitation Medicine from the University of British Columbia, with postgraduate training and certification in Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy, acupuncture and studies through the advanced level in CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial Release and Osteopathic Visceral Manipulation and is a Diplomate of the College of Mind-Body Medicine from the American Association of Integrative Medicine. This work draws on conventional wisdom and integrates alternative approaches. Alexa “Anne” Selby Anne is an intuitive counselor in practice since 1996. She works with Peter facilitating private sessions, workshops and lecture/demonstrations. Anne provides careful illustrations that depict the information Peter is guided to see. coque iphone 2019 Her studies include Mind to Mind Healing, Energy Mastery and Angelic Healing Wisdom. In addition to her corporate background in management with BellSouth Corporation and experience as a private consultant with BellSouth International, she co-owned Metamorphosis Yoga Studio in Atlanta, Georgia where she taught Kripalu Yoga for 4 years, provided intuitive counseling and private yoga therapy sessions.

Yvette Klinkenberg – Holistic Practitioner

Yvette Klinkenberg is a Holistic Practitioner in New York City. coque iphone She is a certified Reiki Master, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Interfaith Minister of Spiritual Healing, Ritual Master and Priestess in the Order of Melchizedek. Yvette was born gifted with clairvoyance and clairaudience and spent her childhood being protected, guided and taught by Angels, Masters and other Divine Beings of Light. In her late teens she realized the power of her psychic gifts along with the discovery that she is a natural healer. Since then Yvette has dedicated her life to cultivating her gifts by undergoing initiations, mastering healing using various modalities, spiritual awakening, and sharing her gifts with others. coque iphone 2019 The Light and Love that she shares in her private healing and teaching practice along with her gifts and knowledge has made her an important part of the transformational journey of many. The focus of her practice is to provide a holistic approach to healing and helping her clients become aware of the powerful inter-connections of mind, body and spirit. coque iphone 8 In her work Yvette loves to empower every person she encounters by working them through their issues and putting them in touch with their own abilities to heal and transform their lives. coque iphone xs max A Special Message There is much more to health than medicating ourselves and suppressing symptoms. coque iphone In my work I have found it essential to restore the energetic balance of a person’s entire being in order to regain and maintain optimum health. Refining our Energies, finding balance and clearing the issues that block us are the keys to healing ourselves, overcoming limitations and transcending life changes with Divine grace. The focus of my work is to empower every client by working them through their issues and putting them in touch with their own abilities to heal and transform their lives. I believe in a heart centered approach to healing and most importantly transformation. I am dedicated to offering practical grounded solutions. My Spirit Guides have instructed and urged me to do this work. They have made it very clear that I am here to Heal and Enlighten all. soldes coque iphone So all my years of training in the Healing Arts and Intuitive gifts have led me to this place where I can hold the hands and hearts of my Brothers and Sisters, embrace you all with Love and compassion and assist you on your journey to a life that is Divine. coque iphone 6 This is a special time in the history of mankind. There are many changes going on in our world and remarkable opportunities for our Spiritual evolution. Now is our time to Shine and enjoy the Joy and Freedom that comes when we live our truths! My work is about personal empowerment and joy through a body and mind that is Healthy, Happy and Balanced and a deep connection to your Divinity and the Beautiful realm Spirit that walks with us every step of the way.

Mary Morningstar – Psychic, Healer

Mary MorningstarMary Morningstar is an internationally renowned psychic, energy healer, and channel. Each morning before sunrise, a lone star shines brightly in the east beaming forth wisdom and knowledge, cleansing the souls of the earth. The Lakota refer to this infinite light as Morningstar, a star that radiates light without losing its brightness. Just like the star for which she is named, Mary Morningstar is a beacon of light who receives messages from her creator, guides, angels and ascended masters to remind others that guidance and harmony are available to all. Mary will assist you in reconnecting to your heart center allowing you to rediscover your strength, clarity of mind and purpose and to renew your passion for life and happiness.


Prayer From a Young Soldier

Author: By Laurence Eldred, Chelan, Washington

It sounded like the world was exploding, but something, someone, led him to safety.
Okinawa. A shiver passed through me when we were told it was there our troop transport was headed. The men in my 713th Tank Flamethrowers Battalion stared at one another.

The island was the last stepping stone prior to invading the Japanese mainland. We knew it was going to be bloody. I was a 21-year-old Army private. I had no expectation of coming out alive.

We entered Nakagusuku Bay—later called Buckner Bay in honor of our commanding general, Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr.—late morning in early April 1945. Almost immediately the Japanese opened fire.

I was below deck with the rest of my battalion when the battle-stations siren sounded. This is it, I thought. Above, we could hear the whine of a squadron of approaching Japanese Zeros, the long-range fighter planes flown by kamikaze crews.

We were part of a convoy. There were several other troop transports —I can’t remember how many—as well as a destroyer, a cruiser and a hospital ship. There was no mistaking why the hospital ship was there.

And then our ship’s twin, 90-mm antiaircraft guns opened fire. So did the guns on every other US ship. The noise, the power—I’d never heard anything like it. Never had imagined anything like it. It sounded like the world was exploding.

I had to see this for myself. Maybe to take some control over my fate. The other guys thought I was crazy. “You’ll get yourself killed,” one said. He might have been right. But I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t stay below deck a moment longer. Protect me, Lord, I prayed, and headed for the companionway stairs.

I climbed to the deck and made my way just beneath those big guns. The sailors who manned them fired at the Zeros with everything they had. There must have been two dozen planes bearing down on the ship like hungry raptors.

The sailors kept firing and firing. The planes kept boring in, no more than 100 feet off the ground.

One plane burst into flames, then pinwheeled into the sea. Then another. And another. Artillerymen on the other ships opened fire too. Plane after plane fell from the sky.

Me, I stood there, transfixed. It’s like a duck hunt, I thought. Just like when my older brother and I would head out to the river near our house and take aim at a covey of ducks passing over us.

For some strange reason, I wasn’t afraid. Till one Zero cut through all the artillery fire and aimed straight at us. It’s going to hit us, I thought. It’s going to destroy the ship.

The artillerymen didn’t flinch. They did the job they were expected to do. I stood there unable to move.

Then I felt something. Something that set me in motion. Two hands, gently but urgently pressing on my back. They pushed me toward the companionway ladder that led below deck. Who’s that? I wondered, and swiveled my head around.

No one was there.

I paused at the top of the companionway ladder. Again, the two hands. Now they were pushing me down the ladder, as fast as I could go.

I reached the lower deck and stopped, wondering how I had gotten there and why. That’s when I heard the boom. A boom that rattled the ship, that exploded in my ears. I shook my head, trying to clear the concussive sound. Alarms were going off everywhere. Sailors raced past me to their posts.

I remained where I was, not that I had any choice. I was too shaken to move. I kept waiting to feel the ship start sinking. But after a few tense minutes, I realized we were okay.

I waited a few more minutes, then climbed back up the companionway ladder to the deck. What struck me was the silence. I couldn’t figure what was missing. Then I turned to where the sailors had stood, firing the twin, 90-mm antiaircraft guns.

The men were gone. Out in the water, halfway between our ship and the hospital ship, a Japanese Zero was rapidly sinking. Only its tail section remained afloat.

I blinked, trying to put it all together. A soldier from my unit tapped me on the shoulder. “Man,” he said, “were you ever lucky. If you had stayed on deck, you would have been blown to bits.”

A shiver ran through me. I’d been protected. Why, I didn’t know. But how was with two powerful hands.

Author: By Laurence Eldred, Chelan, Washington

Do Guardian Angels Really Exist?

Investigating Our Invisible Companions

Author: Jay Schadler and Harry Phillips via Nightline

In the moment of mayhem or in an instant of exquisite fear, people often report being comforted by an invisible companion, what some call a “guardian angel.”

But who is the guardian angel?

John Geiger is an internationally known explorer and author who has been investigating this phenomenon for years and said it remains a great mystery.

“The stories are always similar — that there’s a sense of another being, a presence very vividly,” Geiger said. “There is never any fear or panic when this being appears. There is just a sense of calm, peace and a sense of benevolence, a sense that there’s something good there, something that will help them.”

There have been numerous reports of this vivid presence.

Stephanie Schwabe, 54, of Charleston, S.C., was cave diving for a research project in the Bahamas when she lost her safety line.

“I suddenly realized I was in trouble,” she said. “My heart rate, I could hear it bouncing in my eyes, and I just kind of sat down on the [cave] floor and cried.”

Schwabe’s husband and diving partner, Rob Palmer, had died in a diving accident in the Red Sea only weeks before. Now, alone, she was facing her own dark death.

“Suddenly, the whole cave brightened up,” she said.

Schwabe said that into that watery world floated the words of her late husband: “Believe you can, believe you can’t; either way, you are right.”

“And then I calmed down and then I suddenly looked around and I saw what I thought was a white thread,” she said. “It was kind of like he was there for me, in a way — in an emotional way.”

So what was going on there? Geiger said he doesn’t think people like Schwabe are having hallucinations, but instead are experiencing a “very concrete survival mechanism” that is part of human heritage. In a life- threatening crisis, Geiger believes, our minds experience both the terror of the moment and the peace of perspective.

“The brain is able to sort of stand back from that, and sort of rise above that and rationally help this person get through that,” he said. “The guardian angel is us.”

Angles MiraclesIn extreme cases, our subconscious companion appears to take the form of a physical or spiritual entity.

Rose Benvenuto, 71, of Poughquag, N.Y., said she saw hers at the scene of a terrible car wreck.

“Only my guardian angel could have saved me from such an accident,” she said.

She believes that the proof lies in a photograph, seen by millions on the Internet, that she said shows the guardian angel who helped her escape from a near-fatal car accident. But Geiger disagreed.

“When I see a picture like that, I’m skeptical,” he said. “I really think the basis of this is neurological. … I do think this is something our brain is creating.”

Yet voices, he said, like the one Schwabe said she heard, seem to be almost commonplace.

“They will always say they heard a voice,” Geiger said. “I’ll say, ‘Was it audible? Would other people have heard it?’ [They’ll say,] ‘No, no, but I heard a voice,’ so there is a communication that’s happening inside them.”

Sometimes, the communication isn’t with sound but with images.

A few weeks ago, Marty Hodges, 46, of Kalamazoo, Mich., took his two teenage boys skiing in Colorado. The wide-open spaces seemed perfect for a man who suffers from extreme claustrophobia, but then an avalanche happened.

“When I was hit by the snow and I was immediately turned inside out in this complete blackness, I was sure I was going to die,” Hodges said.

“It’s really fast,” added his son, Jordan. “I saw it just coming towards me and I couldn’t do anything and, finally, my goggles ripped off. Then I had snow coming down my throat and I couldn’t breathe for 15 seconds.”

But instead of being paralyzed by his claustrophobia, Marty’s mind delivered an even more chilling vision and a reason to fight his way free.

“I could see myself literally at Denver International Airport, out on the tarmac, watching my son, watching him going in an old-fashioned pine box being slid into the back of a 757,” he said. “I could see it very clearly.

Driven by the haunting image, Hodges battled through the snow and was able to search for and then reunite with his sons.

In the end, all of these cases remind us that it can be a very rough universe out there. To survive it, a little help from our guardian angels just might be essential.

“Humans are very resilient creatures,” Geiger said. “I think that the basis of that resilience, in part, is this capacity, this sense that we are not alone.”

From ABC News