Schuyler Grant – Yoga Teacher

Schuyler GrantI used to think that Yoga was something my parents did to embarrass me in front of my friends in junior high.. But 20 years ago, recovering from a back injury, I began practicing asana and discovered something I had been seeking for years: the manifestation of meditation through motion. Over the years, I developed a signature style which integrates the breath based flow of Ashtanga and precision of Iyengar into a deep, sweaty and transformative mind/body experience. Opening Kula was my attempt to bring a little California vibe to the mean streats of NYC. Abundant love and thanks to the Kula family who have mad this a REAL kula or intentional community – as well as the coolest hang out in the world for my three daughters, who will no doubt find my excruciatingly embarrassing in about 10 years.