Sacred Mount Kailash in Tibet

The sacred Mount Kailash in Tibet is regarded by hundreds of millions of people as the ultimate spiritual mountain pilgrimage.

5 different religions view Mount Kailash as the spiritual center of the universe, the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist, Jains and the Bon people all hold it in the highest reverence. To go there is regarded an opportunity to purify and expand consciousness to the highest level.

This imposing 21,000 feet mountain rises from the high alpine grasslands of Western Tibet. Many people visit the mountain to be in its presence and be blessed by it. It is also possible to undertake the pilgrimage route around the base of the mountain, a 3 day trek. This pilgrimage path crosses wild and remote passes and traverses through inspiring high alpine valleys. Directly associated with Mt Kailash in mythology is the sacred Manosorava lake, this beautiful holy place is the largest high altitude body of water in the world, and renowned for its healing properties.

In Buddhism are numerous sites in the region associated with Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava), whose practices in holy sites around Tibet are credited with finally establishing Buddhism as the main religion of the country in the 7th–8th century.

In Hinduism the mountain is credited with being the home of Lord Shiva, the great god who is described as the destroyer of ignorance and illusion.

To get to Mount Kailash involves 1-3 days of travelling across the wild and scenic spaces of the Tibetan plateau, from either Lhasa, the former capital of Tibet, now in China, or Kathmandu in Nepal. This whole experience is an extraordinary event in one’s life and not to be missed.

There are a number of guide services offering tours to Kailash, and the journey typically takes 10-20 days depending on the route, whether the pilgrimage route is undertaken or not.