Spirituality Introduction

The essence and foundation of every religion in the history of the world is a spiritual impulse, a seeking, a yearning a desire to know a Supreme Being as expressed through the experiences and teachings of their masters and prophets. If you have such a desire, The Life Site is an excellent resource for a variety of information on religion, spirituality, angels, miracles, messengers and more. While religious institutions provide a framework for these impulses, they often fall prey to what Max Weber called “The routinization of charisma”, the adherence to ritual and doctrine devoid of its original spirit and intent.

Spiritual pursuits offer insights and experiential pathways to self discovery, transcendence and connection to the divine. It is a call to all who believe to go beyond structure and tradition and probe into the inner depths, the spiritual core of their faith, a common ground for all and a place for all to rejoice. The Life Site is honored to present a wide range of spiritual writers, thinkers, and resources for you to explore, and hopefully discover that which you seek.

Angels and miracles appear in ever religious tradition in the world, stories of visitations, healing, inspiration and guidance. Are they metaphorical, symbolic allegories to inspire the faithful, or are they real, proving the existence of life after death, or other dimensions of reality? Whole Universe endeavors not to take any position on this topic, but rather to present to our visitors stories of encounters, real experiences of real people and how they have experienced something extraordinary. We will also present to you many examples of angelic literature, from religious, spiritual, esoteric and literary traditions. We are all searching for miracles, may them come to you as you seek them, and with best wishes, here are our stories