What is a Retrograde Planet?

When a planet is said to be in retrograde that planet is not technically moving backwards, it only appears, from our perspective and view, to be doing so. coque iphone x The influence of the retrograde planet operates more predominately at an inner level, rather than an outer level, more yin than yang in application. The gift of the retrograde is creative and contemplative, not action oriented. It is characterized by a slowing down in progress as well as delays. coque iphone Projects do not have to be suspended or abandoned, at the same time, patience is required as they may not meet goals and expectations as quickly as planned, and glitches may sidetrack the most well thought through strategies. The opportunity of a retrograde is the use of this time to adjust expectations, assess goals, invest time in revisiting, revising, reevaluating, researching and reconsidering new approaches. coque iphone 6 Rather acting on ideas, use creative approaches to fine tune your plans, and reconsider what you may have discarded. coque iphone It’s a time to take a second look. coque iphone 8 It is not a favorable time to sign new contracts, launch new projects, or enter into new agreements. vente de coque iphone Although retrogrades test our patience they also offer the gifts of second chances, and finding a better way.