An Introduction to Sacred and Wonderful Places

It is said that travel is perhaps one of the most important elements of a strong education, for it is through travel that we learn that a world exists beyond our own. An open-minded traveler learns to see “the other” no longer as a stranger but rather as a resource from whom to learn and to grow. At The Life Site we encourage readers to broaden their minds by experiencing new places. There are legendary “power spots” such as Machu Pichu, Mt. Shasta, Sedona and the Pyramids, which according to some have special energies to heal and inspire one’s soul. There are also ancient cities, hills and valleys, where epic adventures and historical events took place. The world has an endless array of journeys available for those willing to travel and find new ways of looking at life itself.

For some, travel is considered more important than a formal education, and we at The Life Site we encourage you to take to the road in any way that you can so that you may experience a lifestyle different from your own. Enjoy, experience, learn and grow and bring back with you a new understanding.