Living Tea – A Space To Be Brewed

Living Tea embraces the aesthetic and spiritual harmony between nature and culture. coque iphone 6 By relating to tea as a Way or a Tao, we find principles derived from nature by which we guide our lives. coqueiphone In the high mountains and valleys of Yunnan, China and Taiwan, sunlight and shadow mark the circular passage of time amidst old-growth tea forests. coque iphone xs max Deep roots have anchored many of these ancient tea trees to their homes for hundreds of years. coque iphone pas cher Living Tea speaks to the profound healing and medicinal power of these ancient trees. We seek out leaves from old-growth trees that are seed-grown in their native environments free of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or weed- killers. coque iphone xr We seek leaves that lend their quiet power to the craft and ritual of the tea ceremony. Within any tea ceremony, whether it be comprised of simple leaves in a bowl or antique teaware and formal practice, we find a space to commune with ourselves, one another and nature. coque iphone pas cher Within this space of presence, the lines between the three become hazy and we return to the simple joy of living. Living Tea is available throughout the Los Angeles area for private ceremonies and larger events. We make trips to Taiwan and China throughout the year to source the best tea and teaware we can find. coque iphone 8 We also work very closely with a dear friend and teamaster in Taiwan who helps guide the evolving collective of our tradition.