Jei Atacama – Oriental Medicine

ImageI am Jei Atacama. coque iphone I come from a family of many generations of practitioners of Oriental Medicine in Japan. soldes coque iphone Since I became aware of yet another level of intelligence in myself, which I refer to as LIFE, I have developed the ability to heal myself and others by awakening/increasing life. coque iphone I define life as an intelligence of self creation. coque iphone soldes I have it; everybody has it. coque iphone xs max Or, maybe I should say; I am life, everybody is life. However, that level of intelligence is mostly asleep in everybody, which explains why our self healing ability is limited. vente de coque iphone With the awakening of life in me all medicines became obsolete for myself — my awakened life’s intelligence of self creation heals whatever conditions (illnesses and diseases) I may have accumulated and their symptoms. This has been the case on myself and my clients since November of 1995. Through my awakened LIFE I am grateful to be able to heal myself and help solve my own life problems, and to do the same for my clients. To begin our work to heal and to solve together, please make an appointment (212-744-3270) for a private session, to experience LIFE I am talking about, and to discuss your personal case and course of healing.