Explaining Astral Projection

by: Steve G. Jones

An astral projection is a spiritual experience in which the energy body or spirit detaches itself from the physical body and enters into another plane of existence. Astral projection is considered a new phenomenon, while people have been performing them since a long time.

The entire idea of astral projection is based on the premise that the spirit is able to leave the body and come back again. Since the physical body is constricting and anchored to this physical plane of existence, it is not able to move into a different plane of existence. So in order to explore a new dimension, it is important to leave your physical body behind.

Though astral projection was only performed by deeply religious people in the past, today it is performed by all kinds of people – especially the ones who are spiritually inclined. Since this is a practice where the spiritual body leaves the physical body, it is also known as an out of body experience. Your spiritual body can actually float out of your physical body and look at it while passing it by. This is considered to be an extremely therapeutic practice, associated with feelings of deep joy, positivity, purity, peace and relaxation.

Origins of Astral Projection
The exact origin of astral projections is not known. However, it is believed that astral projection was first practiced by sages in India from where the practiced was taken up by Buddhist monks who spread the practice to different parts of Asia and the world. The phenomenon of astral projection comes from a concept that there is a energy body inside this physical body. These two bodies are clearly distinct and are able to separate from each other. Further research and study into the field of astral projection has shown that there is an astral cord which binds the physical form of your body to the spiritual form. It is this astral cord that keeps your spirit anchored to the body even after it has roamed around in other dimensions.

Most of the time, people experience astral projections when they are sleeping. In fact most people experience spontaneous projections when they are asleep. Unfortunately, these projections are not controlled and therefore people are not able to remember them upon waking up.

How to Project?
There are a lot of different techniques for astral projections. Proponents of astral projection feel that there are techniques which can help you prepare your body and mind for astral travel. These techniques may take some time to master and you may have to try them for several days or even months before you are able to experience your first astral projection.

Today, owing to the improved projection techniques and the research available on it, a lot of people are able to project themselves and reap the benefits of this technique. However, there was a time when only a select few, with their patience and perseverance, were able to practice it. Today there are tools like binaural beats which can help you perform astral projections even if you are a novice.

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