Ed Grimsley – UFOlogist, Citizen’s Alliance


Ed Grimsley is an Airforce Veteran and founder of Citizen’s Alliance. Hehas devoted his life to the study of UFO’s, Government cover-up and the secret space program. He started the Night Vision Experience and has been teaching others how to research in this manner for over 25 years. He has developed his own style of Night Vision UFO Goggles that he will be sharing with participants. Ed’s lessons and techniques for Skywatching offers us the opportunity to catch glimpses of objects in the skies that would normally go unseen by the naked eye. Concerned about the increasing activity of space craft and the things that he is seeing on skywatch, Ed has made it his mission to show people what is truly happening in earth space. He has been working to gather the truth about UFO’s and the government hiding them, and is making massive headway all over the world. People are coming to Ed with great information…and he will be sharing what he has learned with those who gather on Friday and Saturday nights.

For more information, please visit EdGrimsley.com