The 10 Most Ethical Destinations On Earth

As eco-tourism gains more and more recognition, Ethical Travel has compiled a list of the ten best “ethical destinations” on earth. These are countries that are “working to maintain strong environmental, human rights, and eco-tourism values,” according to Ethical Traveler’s website. And the world’s 10 best ethical destinations (in no particular order) are… 1. coque iphone 8 The BahamasThe Exumas‘ two national parks are the ideal spots to admire nature in a ecologically responsible way. coque iphone 2019 Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is the first “no-take reserve” (fishing is prohibited) in the Caribbean. 2. BarbadosBarbados has strictly enforced environmental laws to preserve the island’s natural habitat. coque iphone soldes 3. Cape VerdeSpinguera Eco-Resort, on the island of Boa Vista, is one of the many eco-friendly resorts on Cape Verde. coque iphone The resort is integrated into the landscape and relies on renewable energy sources. 4. Chile – Chile has no shortage of natural wonders. Ecocamp Patagonia lets travelers get totally absorbed in the world around them. Located in Torres del Paine National Park, Ecocamp is the region’s first fully sustainable destinations and features awesome geodesic domes. 5. Dominica – Dominica is known for its biodiversity. The island offers a number of eco-resorts that are devoted to conserving and preserving the land. coque iphone 8 6. Latvia – Fun fact: Latvia is one of the only countries in the world where natural ecosystems and forests still comprise half of its territory. This untouched natural wonder is perfect for sustainable exploration. 7. Lithuania – With a dedication to preserving its natural environment and both urban and rural eco-tour options, Lithuania offers stunning national parks, lakes and beaches. 8. Mauritius – Clear waters, lush green forests, pristine beaches… Mauritius pretty much has everything you could want. The country’s natural wonders are well-protected and eco-hotels, like Lakaz Chamarel, offer environmentally responsible stays. coque iphone 9. Palau – Palau is insanely beautiful. It’s one of the best diving locations on earth. soldes coque iphone In February 2014, the island nation banned all commercial fishing to preserve the stunning reefs and lagoon waters and establish a “100 percent marine sanctuary.” 10. Uruguay – With plenty of eco-friendly lodging and tours and rich natural habitats to explore, Uruguay is a well-established destination with a focus on sustainable travel.