The Jung Center – Houston

Our Mission

For more than fifty years, The Jung Center has served as a nonprofit resource unique to Houston—a forum for dynamic conversations on a diverse range of psychological, artistic, and spiritual topics. Our mission is to support the development of greater self-awareness, creative expression, and psychological insight—individually, in relationships, and within the community. The Jung Center provides pathways to find a deeper meaning in everyday life.

Our Profile

Founded in 1958, The C. G. Jung Educational Center of Houston, Texas, Inc. is a nonprofit educational institution dedicated to continuing education for the human spirit through psychology, spirituality, and the arts and humanities. Our educational and outreach programs enrich lives and enlighten the spirit. Our classes promote a journey of personal growth and a deepening commitment to the community we share.

Educational Programs

The Center offers a wide variety of programs taught by Jungian experts and other professionals in the disciplines of psychology, spirituality, education, the humanities, and the arts. Our programs are offered in three semesters each year.

Bookstore and Media Center

The Jung Center Bookstore and Media Center includes the largest collection of of books and journals on Jungian psychology in the Southwest and offers a one-of-a-kind selection of audio recordings that can be checked out or purchased. The bookstore also serves as an oasis of calm in a busy city with its diverse collection of books, cards, and gifts with a focus on psychology, the humanities, and spirituality. Visit the bookstore here.

Museum, Art Gallery & Exhibits

As a testament to our dedication to the arts, The Jung Center is an active member of the Houston Museum District. The Art and Exhibitions Committee of The Jung Center showcases rotating exhibits of work by established and emerging artists. The gallery and our permanent collection, which includes works by Peter Birkhauser, is open to the public with free admission during business hours, including Saturdays. Learn more about The Center’s art gallery and exhibits and how to apply as an artist. For information on how to exhibit your work, please click here to complete an application.

Community Outreach

The Jung Center serves Houstonians through outreach programs and partnerships with respected nonprofit organizations and medical institutions. Our programs serve at-risk children, professional caregivers, and those treating patients with life-threatening illnesses. Expressive arts and movement classes facilitate physical and psychological healing and help to build a stronger community. Learn more about outreach programs currently underway.


C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco


Analytical psychology is the theoretical foundation for Jungian analysis, a healing practice that serves the basic human need for psychological consciousness and growth.

The C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco was founded to advance a viewpoint vital to the conscious, ethical practice and utilization of analytical psychology and to disseminate knowledge central to that end.

The Institute trains psychotherapists to become Jungian analysts and maintains a collegial society to provide continuing education and ethical review for member analysts.

It offers education and information to other professionals and the general public and promotes research about Jungian analysis and psychotherapy.

It maintains the Virginia Allan Detloff Library and the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism as educational resources.

Through the James Goodrich Whitney Clinic, Jungian psychotherapy is provided on a sliding-scale basis.

The Institute recognizes that the potential of wholeness and individuation depends on psychological development that in turn is supported or hampered by collective attitudes and laws. With this understanding, the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco supports in principle efforts that promote universal human rights.


C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles

The C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles, is a non-profit (501-C3) organization dedicated to the study and dissemination of the views of C.G. Jung. His works focus on psychological insight, development of consciousness, and growth. To accomplish this, we offer programs to train future Jungian analysts and psychotherapists while promoting research and publications. We are also committed to community outreach through our many on-going programs which include our public programs; our adult and child clinics; our bookstore and library; our journal, Psychological Perspectives; the Remembering Jung Video Series; and the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism.