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In a world where millions of people are reaching out to find tools for better living, seeking insight, peace, tranquility and a healthy environment, the quest for balance and harmony has become a principle goal for many. As we engage in that search, we often find ourselves confronted with a bewildering array of options, and while The Internet is a marvel of technology, a magical talisman, an instrument of the ages, the question remains, how trustworthy are the doors that it opens? Enter Whole Universe.

wholeuniverse.com is a guide to world-class experts in their fields, offering a bounty of tools and resources to facilitate how one can transform oneself and contribute to positive change in your community and the planet. Visit wholeuniverse.com and be assured that wherever you turn, the door you open will take you to a place of insight, healing and balance. Our goal is to ensure that the resources offered here are trustworthy and reliable.

At the heart center of wholeuniverse.com is a collection of souls pursuing their individual paths of growth and evolution. Our intention is altruistic and we hope that we may be a catalyst to your adventure. We wish you the best in finding all that you seek.


The inspiration to build a better world is a vision held by countless individuals. Our goal at wholeuniverse.com is to provide access to a multitude of options to explore, enhance and evolve your inner life. We are dedicated to featuring the best practices manifesting themselves around the globe in sustainable development, right livelihood, health and consciousness. As a more enlightened species, we can live in harmony with our planet and ensure our mutual survival.

The Power of One, the ability of each and every soul on this earth to make an impact, has been demonstrated countless times throughout history. As we move into the future, to an age of universal awareness of our shared destiny, this tangible and inspirational mandate is a clarion call for action steps, both large and small, by us all. wholeuniverse.com can and will be your partner in this journey, to whatever degree you deem appropriate, for whatever stage you may be in your own personal path. Our Vision is to inform and inspire and act as a guide as we collectively manifest the change we wish to see and know in our hearts to be possible.



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